Why Girls Love Fall So Much

I’ve heard the same question every year from the various males in my life. I’ve seen the eye rolls that say “I’m kind of confused but mostly endeared by this phenomenon. Enlighten me...” 

Everyone seems so perplexed by why women love fall so much. Sometimes us girls don’t even know why we love it so much. It’s like we can’t explain it. 

Well, this is my attempt to shed some light upon this very important issue of our day. I realize that guys enjoy a lot of these things as well, but for some reason, they just don’t get as excited as we do. Perhaps a better article (one which I’m not qualified to write) would be entitled, ‘Why Guys Don’t Love Fall as Much as Girls Do’

The following may not come close to helping us understand the actual phenomenon that takes place in a girl’s life as we go from summer to fall, but at the very least, it should make us all excited and very happy.

The air we breathe becomes magical. The weather is a welcome relief from the heat-stroke inducing swelter of summer, while also being kind to us by not freezing our entire bodies upon stepping out the door and raining icicles down to crush us. Basically, fall equals perfect weather. Unless you live in Florida. In that case, this does not apply to you. I apologize, but do come visit!

Our wardrobe is essentially effortless. We can wear yoga pants every single day if we want to, and no one can tell because of the big layers and sweaters. Basically, we get to be comfortable. For the entire duration of fall and winter. Depending on geographical location, this can mean up to eight months. I don’t know a girl alive who isn’t happy about being comfortable for eight months.

The vibrant foliage does something to our hearts. I can’t fully explain this, but driving through a winding road lined with red, yellow and orange trees is one of the most beautiful things in life. It makes us feel like great things are ahead. It makes us feel safe. It makes us feel excited for the future. It just makes us awestruck. The changing of seasons is always somewhat like this, but for some reason, it all seems so vibrant when summer changes to fall. It’s different. Going outside is an amazing experience during autumn.

The coziness returns. We love the idea of being cozy. Curling up on the couch or in a big chair with a hot cup of something spicy or sweet makes us very happy. Coziness is something we don’t get to enjoy during spring and summer. 

The fireplace becomes the comfort of our soul. Fireplaces are absolutely dreamy. Who doesn’t love a chilly evening in front of a fireplace in cozy socks with a good book?

The food and relationships are enriched during this season. Soup. Chili. Apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, spice. And enjoying all of these things with the people we love. Fall is a gathering season. It brings people together to enjoy the warmth of relationships. With football games on TV and fellowship with those we love around a table or living room, this experience is wonderful to us, especially since we tend to be very relational. 

Our bundled-up man is the cutest and most comforting thing we have ever seen. If we’re dating or married, and we see our guy all warm and toasty in a hoodie or jacket, it makes us want to jump in his arms for a big hug. No doubt, fall is a cuddly season. It’s romantic. Significant other relationships become very cozy. In fact, I know more couples who began dating in the autumnal months than at any other time of the year. I’m telling you, it’s because fall makes us see things in a different light. We can fall in love very easily during this time of the year. Don’t ask me why. Guys, if you’ve got your eye on a particular girl, call her up, don a flannel or jacket of some sort, grab a couple hot drinks and take her on a stroll through some colorful tree-lined streets, and she’ll be yours by the end of the week.*

The amount of time and effort it takes to keep up our appearance flies south until spring. This goes along with the clothes thing, but we don’t have to spend as much time on grooming. We don’t have to paint our toenails if we don’t want to. We don’t have to shave for eight months if we don’t want to. Now don’t freak out, I know it’s a scary thought. I assure you that most of us will not go eight months without shaving. Most of us will keep up with it - not at all to the same degree as we do in the summer - but we will shave when we decide it needs to happen. All I’m saying is that it’s nice to have the option, and it’s nice knowing that if we forget to shave for weeks, no one will know. Other seasonal perks include being able to get up in the morning and throw on comfy pants and a big sweater while scarves and glasses hide things we don’t have time to worry about. Hair can be thrown into a bun and never given a second thought. It’s an amazing relief, really.

The candle scents. No further explanation needed.  

The activities we get to do make us love life. Corn mazes, hayrides, cider mills, sunflower fields, pumpkin patches, leaf-jumping, apple picking, football games, strolls through tree-lined streets...the list is endless. It’s nearly impossible not to love life while doing any one of these things.

That’s all I have for now, but if any women out there have some more explanation to offer for why we love fall so much, please help me answer this question that has perplexed and endeared the opposite sex for ages.

*Please do not come attack me if this does not happen. It may take longer than one week. You also have to have a decent personality, and not be a jerk, in order for the Autumn stroll to work properly. I am merely suggesting that this type of outing makes your chances of success higher than, say, taking her to Bass Pro. It is in your best interest to save Bass Pro for when things have progressed more to the serious couple stage.
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