Here's Why Hedgehogs Are The Greatest Creatures On Earth

They're ridiculously cute but there are other reasons, we swear.

Oh sorry, were you not aware that hedgehogs reign superior in the animal kingdom? Well, we have news for you. They do. They are just SO. DAMN. CUTE! But if that's not enough to convince you, no worries, we've anticipated this. Just give us five minutes of your time and you'll never doubt it again.

Once upon a time, a pinecone, a cactus and a nugget had a baby. No other way to explain the birth of the greatest creature known to man, honestly.

Why should you care about these little guys, you ask? Uh, you mean, other than the fact that they're teeny tiny cutie pies?

Well, hedghogs fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.

They're so adorably small, they fit right inside your coffee mug. Which means there's definitely room for them in your heart.

Their soft little hands and feet are perfect to hold.

Their miniature velvety ears are soft and snuggly.

They make the ultimate travel companion.

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They're basically Olympian athletes.

And are always up for adventure.

Some hedgehogs are even a little glamorous. Move over, Beyoncé.

Their quills may be spiky but that doesn't mean you can't pet them.

And they're always down to hang in the great outdoors. Picnic, anyone?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal so they're always ready to party the night away.

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They're probably better sunrise-watching buddies than a SO, tbh.

They also love to binge watch Netflix shows in bed all night long. Sounds familiar? Could this be your spirit animal?

Their rosy little tongues are the best.

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They're not picky eaters.

But their favorite treat of all is meal worms. And even though worms are kind of gross, they look so happy eating them, you can't even hate. You do you, baby hedge!

Hedgehogs are so photogenic they're the perfect model for major Instagram clout.

Just look at this magical Quidditch star.

And this diehard Taylor Swift fan.

Basically any object you place next to a hedgehog suddenly becomes adorable. Seriously. Just look at this thing!

When a hedgehog sleeps it's probably the cutest thing in the entire world.

Though they're a little shy at first, they totally get along with other animals. What social butterflies!

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And when they're scared, they get even smaller and curl into a little ball of love.

What's better than a regular hedgehog? Bath time hedgehog!


Belly rubs are like heaven to them. It really doesn't take much to keep them happy.

They love playing hide and seek (and are surprisingly good at it).

Really, these fashionable lil' babes just make the world a brighter place.

Still not convinced that hedghogs are the best? Maybe this vine of hedgehogs being muffins will help.

What's not to love?!

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