Why Hillary Clinton Lost Michigan

Hillary Clinton was expected to win the Michigan primary by 20-percent. But what pollsters failed to take into account was Clinton's honesty problem.

Bernie Sanders absolutely dominated the honest and trustworthy contest.


At the latest Democratic debate, Clinton inaccurately attacked Sanders on his auto bailout vote and it apparently backfired in her face.

Clinton's history of stretching the truth, combined with this latest debate incident, did not bode well for her in the honesty category.

Equally troubling, Clinton has negative favorability ratings. In other words, 53.8-percent of American voters have an unfavorable opinion of her.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is the only candidate, in either party, with a net-positive favorability rating.

Michigan, the largest delegate prize since Texas, went to Bernie Sanders tonight, despite consistent polling that showed Clinton with an insurmountable lead.

Sanders has now won 9 states while Clinton has won 12.

However, the vast majority of Clinton's wins were in southern states, and few of those remain. As the Democratic race shifts away from the deep south, Clinton's firewall is starting to wither, and Sander's viability is looking more and more legitimate.

If Clinton can't win in a diverse state like Michigan, which MSNBC called, "a Petri dish of American's problems," the nomination may finally be slipping out of reach.