Why Hillary Now

By Nancy Chuda founder of

LuxEcoLiving Photo Credits: Lenore Breslauer, James and Nancy Chuda and Hillary Rodham Clinton in 1998

You can feel the Bern and that's good...but when it comes to electing the next president of the United States consider yourself in a delegation, not just women who want and deserve a female president but a nation whose ability to thrive rests on the laurels of a human being who is the most qualified and who cares the most. Only a mother and a grandmother can understand the precious gifts, having given birth, the value of human life and possess the innate intuition to protect it.

I'm not going to drop into the expected female rhetoric as to why Hillary...I will leave that to Gloria Steinem and all of her predecessors who paved the way for this act of liberation at a time when our world needs to heal more than ever.

Wounds of violence, terrorism, guns taking innocent lives, drugs that kill, mayhem between blacks and whites, immigration, unfair prejudice against hispanics , religious disparities, hunger, cancer epidemic, animal rights, Putin, gay rights, supreme court nomination, global climate changes, college campus rapes, child porn, children's health, education, social security, North Korea, China, Iran, Isis, banks, mortgage rates, and Obama Care.

Take Trump and watch the disaster unfurl... hear the hate and disgust, turn women down, blame the inequalities and disparities on the past administration, tear down the wall with Russia and North Korea and mount war. Kill Mexicans Muslims and any other intrepid kind that attempts to join the inertia and the cornucopia that built this nation..one nation under God but not his because he is the demagogue of a burnt democracy whose flame will dwindle if not die.

And take away the dreams..the dreams of the young and yet unborn, take away hope, kindness, and decency and ascend into an abyss of demonic despair...watch wealth triple and devise an even bigger maginot wall between a middle class that has lost its impetus to find the American Dream once more.

Take Trump and turn, turn, turn, back the clocks of America's best and better times ahead.

Except Hillary knowing that her lioness spirit is unfathomable, her dedication is uncomparable, her determination is to make American's proud, healthy, secure, advantaged, in their hopes for a better today and tomorrow.

Still feeling the Bern? That's okay...in fact, it's great! To have elected a woman president and hopefully the first Jewish Vice President in America's history is all apart of the dream that you can proudly say to your children's children that you helped, not only helped but you made it happen.

My time with Hillary was well spent. I lost my only child, Colette Chuda in 1991, at age 5 to a cancer that could have been prevented. A year later my husband Jim and I founded Healthy Child Healthy World in her memory which to date, is the most respected children's environmental health charity in America and we are powered by Environmental Working Group and reach millions of parents every day with our message of prevention through education. Back then, before science would confirm that the environment played a major role in children's health, I turned to Hillary through my Senator Barbara Boxer and asked for her help...and thanks to Hillary, President Clinton passed an Executive Order protecting societies most vulnerable citizens, children, from toxins and chemicals many of which were and remain unavoidable in the environment and have proven to cause childhood cancers and other diseases.

Senator Barbara Boxer with Nancy and Jim Chuda in 1996 having testified before congress on behalf of children's health.

Hillary as First Lady and as a mother understood then what we were up against..she rallied for laws that would protect future generations from hazardous assaults. She worked with Marian Wright Edelman to end poverty for millions of American children through their efforts with The Children's Defense Fund.

In 1998, I attended a luncheon in which she was being honored. I brought my mother, Lenore Breslauer who was a peace activist having been one of a few incredible women to have founded Another Mother For Peace...whose anti-Vietnam mission and slogan was "War Is Not Healthy For Children and Other Living Things." When the two women met face to face Hillary smiled and shook her hand. She acknowledged her accomplishments.

Gloria Vanderbilt, my mother Lenore Breslauer, Mrs. Elmer Bernstein (Eve), Joanne Woodward and Barbara Avedon all founders of Another Mother For Peace along with congressional leaders in Washington DC at the height of the Vietnam war.

"We who have given life must be dedicated to preserving it"

I was so honored to have been able to make that special introduction. I had brought flowers from my garden that day. A beautiful bouquet of freshly cut Matilija Poppies, known as the queen of all flowers. When I handed them to First Lady Hillary I mentioned that the Chumash Indians held the belief that these flowers have magical qualities... I said, "If you plant them in your garden and make a wish it will come true." She looked at me rather inquisitively and reached out for the bouquet with a big smile on her face and thanked me immensely with her words and kind heart. She then handed the Romneya coulteri to her secret service representative and said, "Please put these in water and make sure they are well cared for on the trip home."

America is my home and I am proud to say I am voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton because she is our future and our children's future.

"There is no hope for any nation in this world that doesn't protect and defend the rights of children."