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Why Hillary's Army Should Rally Around Meg Whitman

We cannot as a country move forward if we continue to let sexism continue unabated. We know from a recent study that sexist insults hurt female politicians. I think Mr. Brown knows that too.
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Jerry Brown just doesn't get it.

During Tuesday night's California gubernatorial debate, moderator Tom Brokaw asked Brown about a member of his staff using the word "whore" in reference to Meg Whitman:

BROKAW:.. We've heard no outrage from you about the use of that kind of language which to many women is the same as calling an African-American the n-word...

BROWN: I don't agree with that comparison...

Hillary Clinton supporters: are you having deja vu back to 2008? Racism matters, sexism does not?

Meg Whitman looked and was "stunned". As well she should be. How can Jerry Brown be so clueless about a term so offensive and degrading to women?

Here's what Brown's recent comments and actions tell us:

We got an inside peek at the mindset of the Brown Campaign. A staffer in Brown's campaign suggests referring to Whitman as a "whore" in a campaign commercial. Not only did Brown not object, but concurred: "I'm Going to Use That." Brown knew full well that 'whore' is a loaded term. Brown and his aid were plotting to very purposefully use the word in a sexist manner as a way to demean and diminish Meg Whitman.

Brown cannot empathize with women. In the debate, Brown is dismissive of the notion that the word "whore" might be degrading and objectionable to women: "I don't want to get into the term and how it's used." He knows the power of the word, as does his campaign. Yet, he acts dismissive of the word, and hence of women.

Mr. Brown - let me say it plainly: women find the term 'whore' offensive. Just as African Americans find the term 'nigger' offensive. No woman wants to be called a 'whore.' And yes, women matter!

Let's take a closer look at Jerry Brown's record on women's issues. Just because Jerry Brown has a "D" next to his name, does not mean that he is a friend to women. In fact, he has a very suspect track record on the issues that matter to women.

Brown dismissed the efficacy and necessity of mammograms - in a televised debate against Susan Estrich, Brown says: "Can we get off of mammograms?...Ten thousand women, three women will be saved for one year." (watch Brown explain how mammograms aren't necessary for women here).

Brown flip-flopped on abortion rights - in the late 1980s, Brown espoused a pro-life position stating: "[I see] the killing of the unborn as crazy." He followed this rhetoric up with support for freeing Joan Elizabeth Andrews, who was convicted after storming an abortion clinic in which two employees were hurt and property was damaged. By the way, Meg Whitman is and has always been pro-choice.

Brown showed contempt for working mothers and working women - as governor of California, Brown stated: "More women should be in the home, taking care of their children. Then we'd have fewer social problems." In the 1992 presidential primary, Brown went after Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton came to Hillary's defense calling Brown's remarks "sexist" and calling Brown's attack: "...a typical thing that men do to professional women." Here's Bill Clinton defending Brown's sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton:

Heard enough?

We cannot as a country move forward if we continue to let sexism continue unabated. We know from a recent study that sexist insults hurt female politicians. I think Mr. Brown knows that too.

And Meg Whitman certainly does understand: "I think every Californian, and especially women, know exactly what's going on here. And that is a deeply offensive term to women."

Say it sister! Because when Meg Whitman spoke out, she was speaking for us all. And while she does, we should be standing right beside her.