Why Hire an Online Personal Stylist?

Whilst there are many online personal styling services out there, few companies actually offer convenient and affordable services for those who are looking to work with the items they already own rather than having to replace their existing wardrobe! If you are looking to revamp your wardrobe and replace your existing garments with new items that suit you and that have been handpicked to suit your skin tone, body shape, style tastes and lifestyle then hiring a personal stylist is highly recommended and well worth the money! But did you know that hiring a personal stylist is also a highly valuable option should you decide that you would like an expert’s opinion on styling and putting together the clothing items and fashion accessories currently residing in your wardrobe.

There are so many common misconceptions about hiring a personal stylist, with probably the most common being that potential clients worry that their stylist will try and force strange styles upon them or that your stylist will try to make you dress like them! This is nothing more than the workings of a bad stylist. It is a stylist’s job to listen to you – about your daily life, your style needs, your style issues and your likes/dislikes. I personally love jeans however, I’ve worked with many ladies who detest the entire denim family, in which case in each situation we were able to work together to come up with outfit ideas and ideal looks that would suit each of them perfectly – and without a touch of denim in sight!

Some of the many benefits of hiring an image consultant or personal stylist include:

· Gaining more confidence with dressing.

· Enjoying the confidence and relief in knowing that your stylist has picked out outfits that you know will suit you and make the right impression in every situation.

· Learn to have fun using the clothes you already own, rather than spending out more money on buying new clothes all of the time.

· Have confidence when choosing outfits.

· Understand which colours suit you and which don’t, and more importantly – why!

· Learn which styles and fits flatter your body shape best and which types are best avoided.

· Plus, knowing how to dress well and possessing the confidence it brings is a gamechanger both in life and in business!

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