Why Human Beings and the Internet Suck

The internet sucks because it's supposed to be the silver bullet -- and it's not.
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Your fanbase -- whether on Facebook, Twitter or your blog -- has decided to connect with you for one reason:

Despite their own personal struggles, they want to be part of something great.

In other words, they are people. Just like you. With struggles, joys, disappointments, embarrassments, and dreams. They truly are your equals, your partners, your friends.

The problem with your Facebook Fans:
The downside of your fans and followers being real people is that they will not do what you want them to do when you want them to do it.

And sometimes that just plain sucks.

Especially when your boss wants to see people buying stuff from a Facebook Page that's only three months old.

Why people suck
People suck because they won't click on your link, they won't share your Page with their friends, and they really suck because they won't buy your stuff.

Suck, suck suck!

Why the Internet sucks
The internet sucks because it's supposed to be the silver bullet -- and it's not.

It's just a tool for people to find each other more easily, connect with causes and ideas they care about, and share amazing and important news with their friends.

It's just a tool for you to use to connect with your people. Like a telephone, but different (different because you'd never blame a telephone for not reaching your sales goals).

You have to work hard and it will take time
Wherever you are, that's precisely where you have to start. Don't fool yourself.

If your Facebook Page has flat-lined, admit it. If you're using Twitter all wrong, just admit it.

Then start with your people. Start connecting with them in the most sincere ways you can think of. Be useful to them!

Start with "Thank You"

Do this today: On Twitter or Facebook, thank your supporters.

Just be you, and just be sincere. If you have to, bring to mind one of your favorite supporters (it's OK to have a favorite), and write a two-sentence thank you with them in mind.

Do this and then share the results in the comments below

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