Why Humorists Target Christianity Over Islam

Comedy Central is apparently coming out with a new series in which Jesus is presented as a regular guy for comedic effect for the dozenth time that I can recall off the top of my head. Conservative blog kingpin Ed Morrisey notes this as further evidence of the Christian majority's ubiquitous social persecution, attacking the network while reserving praise for Trey Parker and Matt Stone for going after an entirely different religion whose adherents are already pretty strongly maligned by the American population as a whole (not so much as atheists, of course; polls show that Americans would sooner vote for a Muslim president than those of us who fail to bow down before Allah or anything else).

Not being in the habit of thinking before he writes, Morrisey doesn't seem to realize that the comedy duo and South Park in particular have done the exact same thing that this new show is doing with regards to the portrayal of Jesus, who in the series used to appear regularly as the host of a local cable access show and who in their movie Orgazmo, which ridiculed Mormons, appears at the end to give some dude-brah-yo-type hand signals to one such Latter Day Saint on the occasion of his newfound sexual license.

Morrisey and other marginally rational figures need to realize something - a lot of us secular types don't like Islam or Christianity, and we mock both. We mock Christianity more because - wait for it - the country is filled with Christians, not Muslims, and the Muslims aren't making out like bandits in terms of public relations these days. The occasional poorly-done Jesus satire (I wrote my first at the tender age of 18, when the subject was just beginning to trope out through overuse) does not constitute evidence that Christianity is being singled out for some sort of special abuse. It just happens to be the local flavor of nonsense-riddled monotheism. If you can't take the heat, stop ascribing to ridiculous, genocide-friendly texts that you only believe in anyway because you were born to them, in the same manner that most every little peasant throughout history has believed in the prevailing local superstition. You're not special. You are not being targeted for ridicule simply because us secularists are so worried about the evident rightness of your tribalist claims to theological understanding. You're being targeted for ridicule because of the Book of Leviticus, the Book of Revelation, the Book of John, and everything that every middle-aged, thrice-divorced Pentacostal has ever said or done, ever.

In conclusion, last king, last priest, etc.