Woman Whose Husband Had An Affair Wonders If Her Weight, Wearing Yoga Pants And Being 'Bitchy' Might Have Contributed To His Behavior

Kari was married to her high school sweetheart, Lonnie, for 15 years, when police arrested him and accused him of being a serial rapist. Watch as the mother of four describes the shock as her life was turned upside down.

Lonnie has since pleaded guilty to one count of forceful rape and three felony counts of kidnapping, and is serving a 26-year prison sentence.

Dr. Phil reads what Kari has previously said: "If I was thinner, more beautiful, more loving, Lonnie wouldn't have raped other women."

Kari also laments her role in Lonnie having had an affair. "Now, looking back, I would probably change things," says Kari, who is a stay-at-home mom. "I didn't wear makeup, I didn't do my hair, I kind of just stayed in yoga pants all day. So maybe if I did pay a little more attention to myself that way ... " she hypothesizes about her role, admitting that she has struggled with her weight, as opposed to the mistress, who was thin. "You know, after I had my little guy, who's now 3, he would sleep in the middle of us at night. So I mean I kind of separated us. I don't know if that was it," she adds.

Dr. Phil asks, "How does that link up in a cause and effect way to somebody deciding that he's going to go kidnap and rape young girls?"

Watch the video above as Kari says she regrets being "bitchy" to her husband, that she feels she emasculated him, and why she says she blames herself in hindsight.

How can she and her four kids move forward? Watch more from this episode of Dr. Phil, here.

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