Why I Am Not Going To Breed

A couple of reasons straight up, the world has gone mad and there are too many people as it is.

I have been thinking about this for quite some time now and despite being single and attracted to the same sex, breeding is not necessarily out of the question. Still, I choose not to do it.

I am an avid observer of the world and those that reside in it and I must say, over the last few years I am questioning a couple of things. Are we as a species getting dumber? Or has the Internet just highlighted how dumb we have always been and it's now just thrust in our face?

I can't decide which of the two it is. Obviously I realise that this is a complete generalisation but this statement, in contrast with some of the absolute hogwash I see and hear on a daily basis, I believe it is deserved.

I wonder if I am the first to have this thought. If I were to bring a child into the world now, I can't help but question whether there will there be a world to sustain their life? What will that world look like? Did people 40 years ago think the same thing? Was there more of a promise of longevity then? All of these questions I need to have answered.

I genuinely worry that we are no longer evolving as a species, as a society, as a world, and that we have somehow capped out.

We've done it; we've turned ourselves over to automation and the machines. We are so focused on streamlining and process improving everything these days that we have neglected to take into account that we are streamlining and process improving ourselves out of existence, and for what? Greater profit?

When there are no people to purchase the products we are making on a mass scale because we have eliminated them from the labour market with more efficient mechanical labour, there will then be no people with money at their disposal to buy the said products that they didn't need in the first place.

Which brings me to my next issue with the future, what even is money? Money doesn't even exist, its just numbers on a screen these days with no actual value. Was it not true that once upon a time not so long ago, a country was only allowed to have as much money as it had in gold? Does that concept even exist anymore?

Credit has a lot to answer for and I suppose the fact that it has been falsely inflating our economies since it was invented, there is just this huge seemingly invisible bubble sitting above us that everyone knows is there, but no one dare talk about.

These are just some of the reasons I am, at this stage of the game choosing not to breed. I've often said that I may re-visit this when I am 35. Maybe my life will be in a completely different place and the world will be too, for the better I would hope.

I am thinking that there needs to be some huge shifts on a mass scale in order for us to sustain a quality of life for generations to come, and that does not involve everyone all of a sudden eating organic food and paying thousands of dollars for it.

The greed has to stop, this system of needing people at the top in order to dictate to those at the bottom must change, and it must change for the better. These decisions need to be made by beings with common sense, initiative and intelligence. I realise that none of these things are taught at educational institutions but if you are really stuck for their definitions, then you could resort to Google if you must. If you are someone who needs to Google these words I fear it is already too late for you.

So why am I not going to breed, well, I think my arguments speak for themselves.

If happiness is the goal of life, then breeding is something that is going to take my happiness away more than adds to it. Breeding is definitely off my bucket list.