Why I Am Seeking To Be The Next Chairman Of The Democratic National Committee

Why I Am Seeking To Be The Next Chairman Of The Democratic National Committee
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I am seeking to be Chair of the Democratic National Committee to be a strong advocate for the righteous values and principles of The Democratic Party for Democrats and the American people.

The American people, as well as strong and faithful Democrats must know the Democratic Party is open to new ideas and all Democrats can contribute to rebuilding the Party’s future. The next chairman and leadership of the DNC must be willing to listen to bring all Democrats to the table to help improve the quality of life for all Americans. Contrary to the dark vision of President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans, Democrats and the Democratic Party want to protect the rights and improve the quality of life for all Americans. Democrats care about issues such as jobs, homeland security, economic justice, human dignity, safe environment, equal rights, young people, veterans, affordable housing, quality public education and health care.

I will be a full-time fighter pushing back against the hurtful policies of President Trump and the retro and unequal agenda of the Republican Party. As DNC Chair, I will speak boldly, loudly and convincingly.

Democrats cannot become political spectators sitting on the dock of the bay waiting for President Trump’s regressive initiatives and Republican Party ideas to fail. The whole Democratic Party must extend a welcoming spirit to all Democrats with energy to build a strong future for the Party and for America. Grassroots Democratic coal miners in West Virginia, grassroots union members in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, along with millennials and grassroots District of Columbia Democrats supporting seeking DC Statehood must reach out each other to rebuild the whole Democratic Party. I will commit to real and true efforts toward Democratic Party unity.

The Democratic State Committees and Democrats Abroad must have a greater role in setting the party on the correct path. Moving forward, the Democratic National Committee needs a strong-willed advocate as a leader to stand in the gap and take on President Trump and Congressional Republicans’ anti-worker, anti-minority, anti-women, anti-environment, anti-income income equality, anti-income equality, anti-science agenda. Under the leadership of President Barack Obama, the American economy grew, health care coverage expanded for more Americans, and throughout the world America’s foreign policy leadership was strengthened.

The Democratic National Committee must be vigilant, challenging and calling out President Trump and other Republican Party leaders’ dog whistles of racism and bigotry to misrepresent religious freedom and social tolerance. Now is the time for the Democratic National Committee to become a force to push back attempts to turn Americans against each other. America cannot be great if its leaders don’t care about bringing Democrats and righteous Americans together with a shared purpose and a hopeful vision for the future.

Robert Vinson Brannum

Announced Candidate for National Chairman, Democratic National Committee

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