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Why I Broke Up With My Fitbit

It was just not a healthy relationship anymore.
03/20/2017 10:54am ET | Updated March 21, 2017

Ten days ago, I broke up with my Fitbit. We were together for almost 16 months (well, I was with his older brother first and then traded up to this version). It was not him; it was definitely me.

I decided after a lot of reflection and soul searching that it was just not a healthy relationship anymore. Almost every day, it made me feel bad about myself. When I looked back at the day before and saw all the steps I did not take, it made me feel lazy. Even if I had a perfectly good excuse, like I was pregnant or working or playing with Reeves. No matter what was going on in my life, I still felt horrible about myself.

I could wake up in the morning and feel pretty well rested only to let that $90 device tell me how wrong I was and how much sleep I didn’t get. It had such an effect on me that I would start to feel tired just from learning that information.

I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist, so you can imagine how this information weighed on me and made me feel.

So I ended it.

And I felt bad. Like I was giving up on a goal or a plan that really could have helped me. The truth is after 16 months, I didn’t gain anything from it but anxiety and a healthy dose of self loathing.

Today, I feel amazing. Free. I have no idea how many steps I have taken today (probably not that many because the six-week growth spurt has me nursing non-stop) and I could care less how much I slept last night.

If it works for you, you are amazing! If it doesn’t, you are amazing also, and I want to encourage you to do as I did and end it. There is no reason to let an electronic piece of rubber make you feel bad.

With love,


As you can see, he took it kind of hard.....

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