Why I Buy All My Jewelry on Etsy... (Spoiler Alert: I Don't Want to be Basic)

When it comes to jewelry the last thing I want is the same “unique” statement necklace that seems to adorn everyone I know. Why would I buy a necklace at a store where it has 20 identical twins just waiting to go home with my friends and neighbors? I also have no desire to pay the mark-up involved with a traditional brick-and-mortar — I get it, they need to pay rent but it doesn’t mean I have to help do it. Instead I rely on the indie jewelry designers on Etsy for unique affordable pieces that will have everyone I know (probably unintentionally wearing matching necklaces) ask me “Where did you get that?”

Check out my picks below for some of my favorite pieces from the best jewelry designers on Etsy:

Metal & Pieces Jewelry for Anxiety Necklace: Yes, please. How did I not know there was jewelry that was created to help alleviate anxiety? Hand-crafted from aluminum, stainless steel, and teal titanium this necklace will keep you calm and relaxed as you swirl your fingers around and around. $45.

Modern Flat Gemstone Earrings by Julie Ellyn Designs: Made of sterling silver and lapis lazuli, these little earrings manage to be girly and feminine at the same time as edgy and bad ass. $55

Wicked Lovely Jewelry Hammered Copper Watercolor Earrings: These avant garde industrial chic earrings made of hammered copper will certainly be a conversation starter as they catch the light to reveal a rainbow of colors. $15.95

Dani Barbe Raw Turquoise Starking Rings: And for the grand finale I present my favorite jewelry designer on Etsy. Seriously, I would be happing stacking her rings on every finger and wearing her bracelets up to my elbow. These are truly luxury pieces handmade with raw gemstones and metals — expect to become addicted after you try on her first piece. This piece is a stacking-ring set made with raw turquoise set in silver (also available in gold). Wear Dani Barbe jewelry and expect to be stopped on the street by people dying to know where you got your jewelry. $80.

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