Why I Came to the UFL's Hartford Colonials

I came back to coaching when I went to Iraq as a visiting NFL Alumnus. The young soldiers said, 'You need to come back and coach.' We all make mistakes, and I sold myself for a big paycheck. I'm not for sale anymore.
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The Hartford Colonials of the United Football League announced the hire of former Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Jerry Glanville as the franchise's Head Coach and General Manager.

The colorful and energetic Glanville has had plenty to say about his new team and his new league since being named to his new position. ~ Dusty Sloan - Chief Website Writer, UFL

Question: What did you see in Colonials Owner Bill Mayer that made you want to work for him?

Jerry Glanville: "Bill Mayer, he's got a sparkle in his eye. He wants to make this work. He believes in it. I worked for (Buffalo Bills Owner) Ralph Wilson and (then-Houston Oilers Owner) Bud Adams. They started a league (the American Football League of the 1960s), and said, 'We're going to make this work.' I could see the sparkle of Bud Adams in his eye."

Q: What has brought you back into coaching once again?

JG: "I really came back to coaching when I went to Iraq. I was with (NFL Alumni, visiting) the First Cavalry. They averaged 19 years old. They said, 'You need to come back and coach.' We all make mistakes, and I sold myself for a big paycheck. I'm not for sale anymore."

Q: Will being the Colonials' General Manager affect how you will be able to coach?

JG: "I will have a card on my desk, and every day, I read that card. On the card, it says, 'Coach the football team.' Once we get the people in place, and they can do their job, I will coach the football team. The general manager (role) allows you to fix what's broken."

Q: Can Colonials fans expect to see their team utilize the "Run 'N' Shoot" offense this season?

JG: "Everybody knows what we do. We brought that style to pro football. Our whole deal is, I believe you have to run the football for attitude. We throw the ball for points, and we run for attitude, and that will never change. We come after you, and we try to trample on you."

Q: What will be the first things you do after being announced today to get ready for the 2011 season?

JG: The first thing I have to do is secure the coaches. I will hire the best teachers. I've got to get pro coaches, and then I have to get coaches who can go get players. And you've got to get great people with character that the city will be proud of.

Q: How has social media changed the game of football?

JG: "You have to be savvy enough to realize the social media is how people will stay connected and be connected. All these changes are for the better. 'Used to' is dead. 'Used to' is gone."

How much value will football fans get for going to a UFL game?

JG: "You don't have to give us $5,000 for the right to buy tickets. We want you and your family to come to the game. We offer something where you don't have to do a lot to come enjoy yourself."

Q: What do you want to tell Colonials fans as you start your newest coaching venture?

JG: "I'm going to ask every fan who saw us play a game - bring a friend or two."

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