Why I Decided to Pursue a Music Career

After turning 18, I began to crave authenticity and self-happiness. For whatever reason, I was not happy. I felt stuck, confused and frustrated with how things were unfolding in my life. It wasn't until I listened to my inner voice. It told me to go after my dreams-my dream of becoming a singer. Of course, my mind told me to shut up and be quiet. After all the auditions and rejections, I wanted to be through with singing and performing. But, music just kept reappearing; almost confirming what my inner voice was telling me.

All my life I loved music. Music was my escape from mean bullies, my own personal demons, and everything that hurt me. I always knew I could sing. I would sing to songs on the radio until one day it occurred to me that I had a decent voice. Then, I started writing little songs and poems at the age of eight. My cousin and I would put on impromptu concerts for my wheelchair bound grandmother, who would always support us. I loved the rush of being on stage. I felt in control and like I was accepted by people for who I really was. There's no greater feeling than that.

Throughout my life, I have often felt ostracized and out of touch with my peers. I didn't have much confidence in myself, so it was very hard making friends. Sometimes I overcompensated by trying to be overly nice or fit in to get people to like me. That never went over well. Not loving myself put me in situations where I was subject to other people not loving me either. During the end of my senior year of high school into the beginning of my freshman year of college, I went through a tough time that I didn't quite understand. Yet, in the midst of depression and heartbreak, I always turned to music for answers.

On March 1st, 2016, I released my first debut single called "Way Too Real." I wrote the song in ten minutes and it took two studio sessions to complete and perfect. It's my introduction into the music world. I am finally ready. I am finally ready to follow my dream. I am not the same little girl who cared about what people thought of her or who was too afraid to stand out. I am a woman who knows who she is and won't accept less than great. Yes, I am finally me. Fearlessly, beautifully, uniquely me.

To support my movement, go to the YouTube link or the Soundcloud link https://soundcloud.com/user-50533742 and share. To anyone who desires to pursue their dreams, don't let anyone tell you your dreams are unattainable. You can achieve all things as long as you stay true to the person you are.