Why I Defend DACA

When people say no more DACA, I can’t help but think, do they really think this will hold us back?

I remember the day DACA was signed. I cried; I laughed; I began to dream again. DACA is not a reform, it was not supposed to be forever. DACA was supposed to be temporary, only in place until a reform was passed.

Fast forward five years, there is still no reform, but there is still DACA. In the past five years I have worked a full-time job; I have gone to college; I have taught; and I have been able to lend a hand to those in need.

I, an undocumented immigrant have influenced the life of American children. I, an undocumented immigrant, went to work EVERY day and helped American citizens with their problems. 

It has been five years and people have still not realized the importance of the ideas we, as immigrants, bring to a country in dire need of a step forward. We have dreams to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, and everything else legal citizens do, but we are continuously being held back. The difference is we keep dreaming. We don’t stop because someone says we should. 

So today, when people say no more DACA, I can’t help but think, do they really think this will hold us back? We have heard we don’t belong and are not good enough to be in this country, our entire lives. Yet, here we are, fighting, letting everyone know we belong. Put a mountain on our way, and we climb it. We haven’t given up yet and we will not stop until we get what we want.

I defend DACA because with it I have been able to help others. DACA has given me the opportunity to work and change the lives of the future of our nation. I will not stop fighting for DACA, because with it, I can help my future students love to learn as much as I do. I want nothing but the best for my country, and the best means allowing those with DACA the opportunity to work, study, and live the life we have fought to have. DACA has given us the opportunity to contribute to this nation, and the day I will stop defending DACA is the day a comprehensive reform is passed.