Why I Don't Judge The 'Pretty Girls' At The Gym Anymore

There she is.

For two years I have seen this girl working out at the squat racks. She is always perfectly dressed. Knee high socks that match her Under Armour shoes. Her tight booty shorts and tank top. Her perfect tan and her perfect hair. She never talks to anyone. She always looks down. She seems like a snob. She seems like a huge mega b****.

I know! I have been judged my whole life by people like her. She thinks she is so perfect. She thinks guys will bow down to her. That girls will want to be her. Nah. She just looks like a stupid judgmental b****.

I have worked out near her for two years. Not once has she tried to say hi. Not once has she looked at me and tried to talk to me. She probably hates me because I have loose skin. She probably wouldn't be caught dead talking to a piece of s*** like me. I am sure that is what she thinks I am.

I hate her. I hate everything about her. She probably eats whatever she wants. She probably tells everyone weight loss is easy and moderation is for everyone. She probably cares more about her abs and a** than other people. I guarantee she has no one in her life. She... she just looks like a b****.

Today she waved to me. I guess I dropped my locker key near her and she wanted to give it back. I smiled and told her thanks.

Then she said...

"Oh wow. You actually have a smile. You should smile more often. You seem like you never want people to talk to you. You always look down."

Then we talked for a couple of minutes. She was actually nice. Like real nice. She talked about her struggles with working out and eating. Like real struggles. She told me about her workout routine and the music she listens to.

It is the same as the music I listen to.

Then I realized how much I judged her.

How I thought her perfect outfit made her a b**** and her blonde hair made her stupid. How her body made her a nasty person and her dedication to working out made her judgmental.

I realized that I have been judged my whole life, and what I did was wrong. She had nothing to do with people calling me fat, stupid and lazy. I did by not standing up for myself.

Truthfully I never insulted her. This was in my head. But I just want to apologize for judging her without ever speaking to the nice woman.

Judging goes both ways.

And I realized who the true dumb b**** was today.