Why I Don't Think Multi Passionate Creative People Are Indecisive and 5 Tips to Stay on Track


I heard a rumor the other day, someone said they think multi passionate people are indecisive not multi passionate. I agree to a point. But only because all humans can come across times where they feel indecisive. If you are multi passionate it does not necessarily mean you are bat shit crazy indecisive, flopping all over the place like a mad person. I consider myself multi passionate and agree that my indecisive nature can get in the way sometimes. But I also know severe focus and deciding can bring great success and creative clarity.

I was hyper focused on designing clothing for 13 years. Through those years I felt as if I was in a vortex of fashion design obsession. Along with the creative focus came great brand success and many years of innovative designing. But I have always been interested in multiple topics like writing, marketing and film. Luckily live streaming happened and I can now pursue broadcasting, online course creation and brand marketing. I have learned so much about myself and other creative multi passionate people these past few months, I am thankful to know, it only takes a few proven methods to get clear on your passions.

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed and unclear on your priorities if you are creative and multi passionate. But having these passions is unique and should be cherished, not looked down upon. Learning to funnel your creative energy into a bit more focus isn't as hard as it sounds. Once you funnel your multi passions properly you can seriously create magic. But until you find the moment when you are sincerely ready to flourish, push through and take action, it may take some time to evolve.

1. Write down everything you think you want to pursue, even the smallest details. Spend an hour writing about your wants, needs and creative desires. Don't forget to write out business ideas as well. After you have written out a bunch of thoughts and details, pick 3-4 things you feel the strongest for. For now, focus on your favorite passions. You will start to see the reality of the situation. If you pursue them all, you might not be able to get really good at anything because you will spread yourself too thin. The ones left should be the most important things you want to go after. Don't worry you can always change your mind and add things back onto your list another time.


2. If you were an artist and someone told you to paint butterflies for one year, nothing else. How would you feel? At first you might feel annoyed that you could only paint butterflies. But in reality you would probably create the most amazing butterfly art in all different colors and themes. At the end of the year you would have incredible butterfly paintings. Sometimes testing out these focus theories can truly work to your advantage. You could also apply them to a few categories and watch yourself become extremely passionate and creative in one or two areas.

3. Remember that you can add all sorts of sub categories to your choices. For instance, I personally feel a deep calling to help other multi passionate creative people. But I can include all sorts of fun, creative and exciting sub categories, like eBooks, eCourses, brand painting, video and live streaming, all under one focus! Which brings me great joy and a very diverse passion driven pursuit.

4. Commitment to choosing can be the biggest struggle for multi passionate people. You may even feel totally frustrated at the thought of having to decide. Recognizing your fear of commitment to choosing is the first step to success.

5. Learn to thrive on the fact that you are multi passionate and realize how lucky you are. Use your passionate ideas to your advantage. A few tweaks and change of mindset can really bring your brilliance to full brightness in the world. If you allow too many ideas to consume you it can lead to procrastination. Instead you can be productive and strategic when it comes to your creative side.

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