Why I Don't Want Botox Needles Sticking Into My Face

Many women have regular Botox injections in an attempt to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. From what I've seen, the results are amazing. Wrinkles disappear and the women look younger. But you won't find my face on the other end of any Botox needles.

I want to look as young as possible now that I am no longer young. But I also find it useful to be able to register anger with a facial expression, especially because my 10-year-old black lab is somewhat deaf. I need to be able to communicate with facial expressions and wild hand gestures that digging up the garden makes me angry. Being able to look unimpressed when the child comes home with a lackluster grade on her report card comes in handy upon occasion. Looking pleased is encouragement for anyone who has just bought me flowers. An immoveable rubber doll face would seriously interfere with my ability to communicate.

I also find it disconcerting when someone's face and neck don't look like they are the same age. What is the point of having a 30-year-old face on a 50-year-old neck? Or having a 40-year-old face and 60-year-old hands? It's too confusing and it scares children.

But it's even scarier if you ponder where the Botox goes after a few months. If it didn't disappear from the injection site, you wouldn't need to keep re-injecting it every three months. So, where does it go? Creepy.

It is also impossible to reconcile the use of Botox by a person who eats organic food. If you don't want to stick foods grown with pesticides into your mouth, I don't know why you'd want to stick Botulinum toxin under your skin. If you don't eat organic food, on the other hand, you would have more money to pay for the injections, I suppose.

Apparently, "swelling, redness, bleeding and bruising may occur." I assume that those conditions are temporary, but I'd rather have a wrinkled face than a swollen, red, bloody and bruised one. Allergic reactions may include a rash and red itchy welts. But hey, there won't be any wrinkles around those red itchy welts.

Botox can also "cause serious side effects that can be life-threatening. That alone might make you reconsider how important being wrinkle-free is to you. Botox injections may cause problems swallowing, speaking or breathing and you should call 911 or your doctor right away if you experience these symptoms. Good luck trying to communicate over the phone if you can't speak or breathe, however. The lawyers must have had a good chuckle when they came up with that one.

I don't cotton to having needles stuck into my face if it isn't absolutely necessary. I'd rather spend the money on other things, like maybe sunglasses and a hat to hide my wrinkles.