Why I Don't Want to Grow My Business


Yes, that's right, you read it correctly. I stopped caring how arrogant or controversial I sound. This is what I want, or rather what I don't want. I'm a woman entrepreneur and since the start of my jewelry brand Lucid New York in 2004, I've been constantly offered unasked for advice on how I can grow my business. I was told that I needed a larger office, hire more staff and incorporate. I kept hearing there was potential and was being told inspiring stories of jewelry brands such as Pandora or Alex and Ani.

I was receiving email invites to GrowthCon, Growco - conferences focused on growing the business. Business coaches and consultants were approaching me with their "let me tell you how to grow your business" pitches.

I didn't want to hear any of that. I look at growth mindfully. To me it's more about growing deeper than broader. This holistic perspective is in alignment with my values and my idea of how I measure my life. Looking at growth multidimensionally, I've been aspiring to have a meaningful business that is profitable and makes a difference. Instead of focusing on how to make it even more profitable, I recognized the sweet spot of enough and refocused my energy on growing in other areas of my life. I focused on connections and friendships. I learned cooking delicious meals and have been offering them during dinner parties I organize. I learned how to sail. I took trips for a cause participating at conferences and working at orphanages in India and Sri Lanka. I saw orangutans in the wild on the island of Borneo. I became a co-active certified life coach and started making a difference sharing my business building expertise and inspiring transformation. I started writing a book on being a successful creative entrepreneur.

Growing deeper instead of broader has been very fulfilling and energizing. My jewelry business has been thriving as I fuel it with all the energy I get from the projects and ideas I'm involved in. I've been alive on so many levels. Getting rid off the obsessive pursuit of business growth has been liberating and rewarding.

My growth approach was inspired by Clayton M. Christensen book How Will You Measure Your Life? Read it, be immune to social conformism and pressure, show your true self and have your own answer. So... how do you measure your life?

Anna Sabino is a co-active certified business growth and life coach. She is writing a book on being a successful creative entrepreneur. You can find out more at AnnaSabino.com