Why I Endorse Anthony Weiner

I said it once and I'll say it again: We're all freaky and Anthony Weiner just exposed his freaky-ism in the wrong way.

My endorsement of Weiner in the Democratic Primaries for New York City mayor is a simple matter. The Democratic and Republican candidates have chosen to waste their energy condemning Weiner for his personal problems, and in doing so have managed to draw attention away from what's really at stake: the issues of the people and the problems affecting ordinary citizens of New York City. Again, the Democratic and Republican candidates are not focusing on the issues; they're wasting time and money focusing on Anthony Weiner's personal life. They're busy using any means necessary to destroy him when they ought to be addressing the people directly; they ought to be listening to the people's concerns. I'm here as an independent candidate trying to do just that.

Now, Weiner's obviously not completely focused on the issues either -- he clearly has some personal issues he needs to address right now. But I imagine he's more focused on the issues, just in trying to minimize the "scandal," than any of the other candidates trying to use Weiner'spersonal mistakes to sway voters.

I'm tired of the manipulation that has gone on between candidates -- they're playing the silly game. It's politics as usual and it's got to stop.

As Teddy might say, the people want and need someone who's "straight and honest." I'm not here to prioritize Carlos Danger over issues like soaring rent prices, and I seriously question the integrity of any candidate who would.

It's nonsense. Someone needs to advocate for the people of New York because our elected officials, who have had four years in office, certainly aren't. What are they doing about this?

New York State (or if not New York State, then New York City) as a center of media has an opportunity here to show independence and leadership and to set an example for the rest of the nation. The greed-driven disputes exist at the expense of the people and it's unacceptable. How come our elected officials aren't standing up to say "enough is enough." Under no circumstances is it acceptable for petty disputes between monopolistic media giants to continue at the expense of ordinary citizens, some of whom have been left not just without TV but phone and Internet access, too. New York State ought to have the courage to take a stand on behalf of its people. Elected officials are standing aside and watching. Clean up your backyard before you clean up someone else's. That's all I've got to say.

And, as for Anthony Weiner, my fellow mayoral candidates ought to remember that there are matters of greater concern in the mayoral race than Weiner's weenie and his alleged pathological sexting -- let his psychiatrist deal with that because this election is farcical enough. They were calling me New York's Aristotle just last week, so hear me: let he who is without sin cast the first stones.