Why I Got Rid of My 9-to-5 to Finally Live My Dream as a Writer

I haven't worked outside of my home in over five years. Before then, I had various jobs from telemarketing to waitressing to caring for disabled adult men. I never just worked my shift, I was the type of hard worker that chased my paycheck so I would pick up double shifts and work holidays to make the most money possible. I never ever gave myself a break. For me, taking a break meant less money, and I had bills to pay and children to take care of.

I let go of my 9-to-5 and I finally went to nutrition school with the hope to naturally change this world. I was in college at the time for psychology and Christian counseling. I didn't want to give my future patient's prescription drugs and that led me to nutrition school to learn about a holistic approach to healing.

I did my thing. I got my certificate. I became a health coach. I had clients. I made money. Then, I quickly discovered how absolutely necessary it was to be tech savvy in a world like today to build an online business.

I ultimately found an incredible passion for anything tech related because I knew how to do it, I could grasp it very quickly, and so I made it a side business which turned into a full-time business. I had very successful months and then years - and I was never without work.

I very quickly became the go to virtual assistant for my tribe which just so happened to be all of the health coaches I went to school with - which were thousands. If I didn't know a platform, I would study until I mastered it.

I found myself writing for most of my clients because they needed help crafting their brand and their vision. And so I worked as a virtual assistant, and I included writing in my set of skills under the same fee for a very long time. I would write social media and then schedule it. I would write personal stories and then design them. I would rewrite sales pages and then add them to websites. I did it all under the title of a virtual assistant which also meant a smaller pay scale.

I realized I was still working a 9-to-5 which then turned into a 9-to-7, and then it turned into weekends and also holidays. I had over 240 hours worth of client work each month. While I loved every one of my clients I knew something was missing but I wasn't quite sure what it actually was.

I knew I wanted a freedom based lifestyle, yet I was chained to my computer 60-70 hours a week and stuck in a pay scale that pushed me to work tirelessly for the life I wanted.

This year I was forced into a personal situation that I had to handle bravely, and it reignited my courage. I finally realized that I was strong enough to pursue my passion and stop doing work that I wasn't 100% in love with just because it made me money.

I was compelled to earn money that felt more meaningful because it struck a deeper chord. I craved work that I could wake up in the middle of the night to do and it would never ever feel forced.

I wanted to make my own schedule. I wanted the freedom to take days off, but it was near impossible as an assistant. I would take my clients businesses under my wing as if they were all my own. I treated their business the way I would want my own business to be dealt with so if there was an emergency I was awake for it and I would rise to the challenge at any time of the day or night.

I finally closed the chapter recently and woke up one morning with a dream that was so strong inside of me that I couldn't say anything but yes to it. I immediately had dozens of clients who came to me to write for them - and only write.

I live to tell untold stories stuck in the hearts of brave entrepreneurs across the globe. THIS is my passion, my dream that wakes me up in the night, the drive that fuels my morning rise, and I know deep in my soul THIS is what I was always meant to do and where I belong.

For me, a 9-to-5 is merely a relative term because when you do work that you are truly passionate about you'll spend all day and night pursuing it.

My dreams happened when I thought they were possible.

Build an appetite for your dreams.

Fight for your future with hunger.

You are possible.

Michelle Wisdom-Ellis is a New York based copywriter and marketing strategist at Organic Copywriting Creative, Inc. who works with female entrepreneurs to help make their stories come to life and their profits increase with honesty that sells. Her specialties include engaging web copy, compelling stories, guaranteed-to-be-read marketing emails, and captivating sales pages. Michelle infuses character and soul into every piece of writing she creates. She owns a thriving business doing what she loves, is happily married to her soulmate, and has 3 children that light up her life. You can take advantage of her priceless (and free) writing and marketing tips by signing up for a bi-weekly dose on her site.