'Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus' Creates Controversy On YouTube (VIDEO)

WATCH: Poem Bashes Religion While Praising Jesus

One man has taken to YouTube to express his views on Jesus and religion. His verdict? Jesus trumps religion, hands down.

The video, titled "Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus," has already surpassed 2 million views just two days after it was posted on Jan. 10. And the controversial topic has generated an onslaught of more than 30,000 conflicting reactions in the video's comments section.

Jefferson Bethke, the video's creator, draws on his own experiences and the Bible to argue that "Jesus and religion are on opposite spectrums," when people don't practice what they preach.

"Now let me clarify: I love the church; I love the Bible, and, yes, I believe in sin. But if Jesus came to your church, would they actually let Him in?" Bethke asks in his video message.

But not everyone is convinced by Bethke's message.

YouTube user gmmg93 wrote:

I hate religion???? I heard you babbling on for about 4 minutes PREACHING about Jesus which is at the heart of what Christianity is. Not only is this statement convoluted, but false.

While some users are questioning the validity of his critique of the church, others argue that Bethke is essentially promoting his own religion, whether he admits it or not.

YouTube user EmpiricalTruth wrote:

I'm confused. You first start by saying you hate religion, but then start speaking about Christianity. Ummm...isn't that a religion? Or should the title of this ridiculous video be "Why I hate every other religion not called Christianity.

You be the judge.

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