Why I Joined The Rising Resistance

Proudly I marched with the resistance in the City of Brotherly Love to protest the rule of Donald Trump. I refuse to refer to him as President when he has taken the role of fascist dictator with his own profiteering in mind. He owned a stake in the Dakota Access Pipeline which he ruled in favor of the pillaging of sacred lands and the potential destruction of water quality and wildlife.

How long will it be before he lifts sanctions on Russia? Russia's hacking needs to be investigated fully to determine if Putin helped put Trump in power and has compromising secrets with which he is blackmailing Trump.

Carl Bernstein is adamant about this. Of course, with former Exxon executive Tillerson as Secretary of State, Russia will be set up to drill in areas currently denied by sanctions . Where will these oil profits go? Where will oil profits go from potential drilling the Dakota Access Pipeline?

While Trump has said he has turned his businesses over to his sons, where is this documentation and his proof that he isn't guilty of the Emoluments Clause? Where are his tax returns?

Is he truly a billionaire? A millionaire? Or just how leveraged is he to Russia and other countries?. Is being President a shell game for Trump to convert America's assets and relationships into profit for him alone.?

Carl Bernstein said on CNN, "Trump lies. Let's call falsehoods lies. Republicans are worried about Trump's pathology and his delusional aspects. Trump has power to make changes and he's doing this with Russia. We are on the verge of perhaps upending World Order of the last sixty years."

Trumps orders terminating the Affordable Care Act, and threatening the privatization of Medicare, Medicaid and SS are decisions of life and death.

Pence rails, "Life is winning," No, the life of the mother is being compromised for an unborn fetus. So life is losing at the hands of Republicans.


We, women, we have been here and done this before. America IS great today. Obama helped to make it so, not the Republicans. Protect America's greatness by resisting Trump, his cabinet of plutocrats and his Supreme Court nominations who will support the dismantling of Roe v Wade, and his contempt for immigrants who make our nation great. Senator Schumer has said, "Lady liberty is crying." Her torch is about to be extinguished by the tyranny of a plutocracy trying to make a buck off of our wonderful country and by pretending God is behind misogynist Trump when his motivation is greed. Trump promised he would drain Washington's swamp, but has turned it into a cesspool of plutocrats he has chosen for his cabinet.

And so in Philadelphia to greet Trump and his fellow Republicans, I carried a sign, "Mr. Trump, You can't grab my pussy and pipeline and profit from it."

I marched on and am begging you to join by resisting Trump's ghostly power over life and death which can be blocked by your resistance.