You Can Love and Hate Photoshop

Sometimes I take photos with the intention of nothing.
As in, it's just a picture of my kid's _________ (playing, laughing, glaring at me etc.).
So that's what I did this particular dreary fall day
I took my camera and just took pictures of them being kids.
But I got an itch when I saw this photo.


Well, I got an itch when I saw the original of this photo.
I saw it and knew it had potential.
I got in my Photoshop frame of mind and edited my heart out.
I took what was a real life image of my daughter and completely manipulated it.
And before I get any further, I realize this causes disgust in some.
People who just want to 'keep it real'.
No Photoshop.
No editing.
Just shoot and be done with it.
I get it.
And I agree with it in certain aspects.
Trimming down a woman's waist for a magazine cover I find, for lack of a better word,
It's misleading.
It's fake.
And it's done for all the wrong reasons.
So for the sake of the haters, I just wanted to clarify I get it.
I'm on your side.
But I have to ask, have you ever looked at it from a difference perspective?
Manipulating a digital image can also be an expression.
Like a painting, a drawing, a song, or even a story.
For example...
When Stephen King writes a novel, I don't think he hovers anywhere near reality.
When Vincent Van Gogh painted a Starry Night I believe he painted what HE saw.
What HE felt.
And Photoshop can do that for people too.
Some are talented with their hands.
Some their words.
Some can put to paper melodies only they can hear.
Some can't.
And though technology is the new kid on the block, in terms of artistic expression, it shouldn't be taken any less seriously.
So to sum it up, sometimes I see something in photos that gives me the itch.
And Photoshop allows me to form it into something only I can see.
So for a girl who can't paint, carry a tune, or write compelling stories I am grateful.
I am grateful that Photoshop gave me my outlet.
I'm just sorry there are those that abuse it.

Please visit Just Leesha's Original vs Edit photo page to view the before photo depicted in this article.