Why I Love Being Over 50

I can easily let go of friendships that drain me. I no longer need to tolerate poor behavior or dishonesty just to keep a friend. I expect more from my female friendships than I did at 35. I should have had these standards back then, but I didn't... so there you go, part of being over 50!

I never worry what people think I look like in my bathing suit. I simply don't care :) If I feel confident enough to put it on, then I'm happy. Other people's opinion of my body or appearance is fading faster than my firm chin line. I'm comfortable in my own skin... even though it seems to be stretching in interesting spots. I've come to terms with my body, my age, my looks.

My crows feet are a sign of the joy I find in life.

I've given up tolerating uncomfortable shoes, just for the sake of fashion. It's not worth the pain and frankly, I've found plenty of good-looking comfort shoes that don't look like gnome shoes.

I no longer need to always win. It's OK to come in second, third or tied for last. That doesn't mean I've given up, it simply means I'm comfortable with my own performance level and able to surrender. Of course I don't run marathons... that might be different.

I'm comfortable sharing my struggles and discussing my challenges. I don't always do it online because I respect other's privacy... and they may not want their troubles on the net.

I'm getting much better at catching my inner-dialogue and changing her direction when she's being overly critical of me. Just who does "she" think she is... talking about me like that?

I'm more confident of my opinion. I've always been a bit of a know-it-all, but now I have more conviction behind it. It's OK if I'm perceived as stuck in my ways... they work for me and life is too short to go along for the ride and follow the crowd.

I have more compassion than I did in my youth. I've been there, made those mistakes (usually several times... just to be sure) and realize life is more enjoyable when people are kind. If someone flips me the bird on the highway, I smile and wave at them like a looney bird. (I don't know who has a pistol under their front seat... and don't care to find out).

I trust and listen to my intuition more. It's proven, over the year's, to be pretty accurate and I never toss wisdom.

This was first posted on A Well Styled Life.