Why I Support Bernie Sanders 100 Percent

I've been politically active since the Vietnam War days, was a delegate for Jerry Brown at the 1992 Democratic Convention, have navigated between the Democratic Party and the Green Party for years, and have been involved in many issue-oriented campaigns

In my lifetime, there has never been a candidate like Bernie Sanders. An exceptional candidate with years inside the system but who thinks like an outsider. He has never forgotten his roots and has a voting record to back up the policies he touts in campaign speeches.

Bernie cannot be corrupted by big money because he hasn't taken any of their bribes. He owes them nothing.

So, I'm with the millennials 100 percent! They are going to live with the results of this election longer than I will. They will experience the dire results of climate change if anyone other than Bernie is elected. It will be difficult enough even if Bernie is our next president. But, if he is elected, I expect that many other Democrats will win congressional, senatorial, and gubernatorial races. Such a change in Congress would big a huge boon for Bernie's plans.

It is likely that if Hillary becomes the nominee, many millennials will sit out the election. Sure, they don't like Trump, but they want to be inspired and challenged --- not manipulated into rubber stamping the status quo candidate that is Hilary. Many of them have no party allegiance and feel no loyalty to party. They want a leader with real values, someone who listens to their concerns instead of the demands from corporate America.

If Hilary wins the nomination because of Super delegates, then you can be sure that many people will abstain from voting in this election. If she wins with enough delegates from the voters, then that will be a different story.

In any case, Bernie is coming into the Democratic convention with more delegates than anyone could have predicted just a few months ago. This, at the very least,
is bargaining power.

For Democrats who still blame Ralph Nader for Gore's loss in 2000 (and thereby link Bernie to Nader), it's time they listen up and learn the lessons they have refused to learn for the past16 years. The movement that inspired thousands of people to show up at Nader rallies has grown by leaps and bounds and today it is filling stadiums for Bernie. A movement has been building. Nader was not a fluke. His campaign represented the early stages of this movement.

Bernie supporters are sick of politics as usual, sick of the corrupt two-party system, sick of a bought-and-paid for Congress, and sick of corporate control of U.S. politics. A system that requires unending war and values profit above people and planet is doomed. Bernie supporters understand this deeply.

If Bernie is elected president, a movement that has been building for many years will finally have a powerful voice. I feel privileged to be alive in 2016, when we have such an incredible opportunity to transform the political landscape. Let's get it done this time! Bernie Sanders for President!