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Why I Traded My Grocery Store Addiction in for Couponing

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I have a confession. I used to be addicted to going to the grocery store. Yes, obsessed. I would literally go grocery shopping every single day versus only going when I needed to. At the time it made sense for my husband and I because let's face it, we were picky eaters. We would debate each and every day for sometimes hours about what we wanted to eat for dinner and we would almost never choose something that was already in the refrigerator. It was never a big deal to us that we grocery shopped every day until one day something powerful happened.

I remember the day as if it were yesterday, I was flipping through my television stations when I stumbled across a show about personal finance. Finally, something I was interested in. The show gave some really useful advice but what stuck out to me was a challenge they issued to all the viewers. The challenge was simple, yet powerful. Review your bank account and see where the majority of your money is spent, wherever you spend the most money is where your heart is. As I scanned through my bank statements I was in awe. According to my bank account I was in love with the grocery store. My husband I were both fitness fanatics at the time so weren't overweight by any means but we did have a problem, we were wasting money and lots of it.

Re-evaluating your life and your own personal bad habits can be challenging because no one likes to criticize themselves; however, re-evaluating your life can change your life. After realizing how much money we had spent at the grocery store my husband and I decided to start couponing. According to a 2014 study conducted by RetailMeNot, 96% of Americans rely on coupons in some capacity. My husband and I had finally decided to join the majority. Now, don't get me wrong we are by no means professionals at this time consuming task but we have saved a ton of money by cutting coupons from newspapers and even by utilizing the very convenient electronic coupons that can be scanned or printed out online. Couponing takes time, effort and patience and while my husband and I began couponing to save money there are several other reasons why others choose to coupon:

It's a Hobby

It's always been said that an idol mind is the devil's playground. Many couponers agree with this and have used couponing as a way to occupy their idol minds. Because it can take so long to cut out coupons, compile a grocery list and identify the best grocery store deals one can possibly spend almost an entire day only couponing. If you have the time to spare or you just need something more fulfilling to do with your time, couponing may be just what you need.

To Get the Best Deal

Are you familiar with the highly addicting show, Extreme Couponer? You should be. This idea of being a strategic shopper could save you from 50-90% on your grocery bill. There are even several apps and websites on the market that will show you which stores have the best deals and even the best times of the week to shop.

It's Fun

Saving money doesn't have to be boring, it can be fun and exciting. Think about it. If you are able to save even a few dollars at the grocery store you can use those extra dollars to pay other bills or even treat yourself to a cute outfit.

Save Money

This is by far my favorite reason for couponing. You save money and lots of it. I still remember my first time really experiencing couponing. I ended up spending $15.00 on $100.00 worth of grocery. Incredible, right? To be completely fair I did have some help and lots of it from a cousin who was an extreme couponer at the time but despite the help I walked away from the grocery store with my head held high because of the money I had saved.

Do you coupon? What motivates you on your coupon journey.

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