Why I Want My Wedding Photo To Look Dated

We both look a bit older now and my dress and hair are different choices than I might make today. I love that.
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To this day, I can still hear my mother's voice while we were wedding dress shopping: "Don't buy that dress, it will look dated in your photos." But I think dated wedding photos are fabulous. And that's exactly what I want.

Just like with regular fashion, you can tell the decade someone got married in just by looking at her wedding photos (Princess Diana, anyone?). And true, some fashion choices stand the test of time better than others. But dated wedding photos are the start of a long story. They are the first page of a marriage.

When I married my husband, we were young and so happy. We had worked, travelled and lived together and -- both in our thirties -- had a handle on where we were in life. We were excited to be getting married and to take on the rest of life together.

That was March 26, 2004.

Now, we're getting ready to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. On top of the happy foundation we started with, we've now layered 3 houses, 2 jobs, one career change and two beautiful children. We've had nasty fights and perfect days. I've made some so-bad-don't-even-eat-it dinners and some (ok, just one) I share the recipe for. We've had times so boring I've already forgotten them. And memories so funny, we can crack each up other with a single word.

And if you look at our wedding photo, it's starting to look a little dated.

We both look a bit older now and my dress and hair are different choices than I might make today. I love that.

Because when you look at that picture and at us now, you can start to see the years we've had together and the life we've built. And when I look at it, I see the man I married whose only part of the man I've grown to love more.

I can't wait until March 26, 2024. And God-willing, March 26, 2054. Because then that photo will look really dated. And it will stand testament to the beginning of our family and the years of work and love that have followed.

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