Why I Want To Help People With Autism Find Love and Relationships

Why I Want To Help People With Autism Find Love and Relationships
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Not very long ago I wrote a book about autism and falling in love. I wrote the book about my previous experiences growing up with autism and trying to get into relationships, in the hopes of educating others. Over a decade since my first relationship, I can now say I’ve had success (and some challenges) in the dating world, and I want to find a way to help others on the spectrum do the same.

When I was in college, I started filling out the paperwork for a nonprofit organization that would provide college scholarship opportunities for those with autism, along with providing mentoring opportunities for people with disabilities. During these mentorship sessions I often discuss employment, housing, and post-secondary education, but the majority of the time my mentees want to talk about boys and girls they are interested in.

I grew up knowing no one on the spectrum; that is a big reason why I’m a mentor today. I want to make sure fewer kids with disabilities feel isolated and feel like they don’t have someone to talk to about topics such as this. For so long in our community a big misconception has been that people with autism lack empathy… But not the kids I work with.

The majority of these kids want someone to love, and I think that’s great. We talk about a lot of different dating topics such as intimacy, hygiene, being a good listener, etc. I want anyone who is searching for that special someone to be able to find them one day. As someone who is single today I definitely know that’s what I would like too. I just hope I can be the person to help guide these kids a bit, to help them do just that.

Kerry Magro is a professional speaker on the autism spectrum. A version of his article originally appeared here. For more on autism & dating check out 10 Things I Wish People Knew About Dating Someone On The Autism Spectrum.

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