Why I Wish My Worries Were As Simple As A Fifth Grader’s

It’s funny how the things that once made us mad can change and become less important as we grow older. While in fifth grade, I started a diary based on my anger from my Instant Messenger account being taken away for the weekend #Grounded. Nowadays, I throw tantrums about my bank account showing $0 instead. I mean come on, how frustrating is it when you walk past a cute clothing store and see that one outfit that you’ve always been wanting but have nothing to buy it with.*sigh* In reality, everything I walk by is something I’ve always wanted.

On the other part of the spectrum, though, I now have to deal with so many more things that make me upset, like my college homework load shooting through the roof of my apartment and my adulthood bills on top of all that.

In my opinion, there is always one “worst day ever” that tops the last “worst day ever.” I mean, I would take my IM account being shut down over any real adult problem like a stolen credit card or dead car battery (those car batteries are super heavy and greasy).

I bet you’re wondering why that IM account problem would be my first entry right? Well, I’ll tell you why: my ancient diary and my growing love for writing began when I felt that I had no escape and that the only place I could express how I felt was in my purple bedazzled, sticker-infested diary.This diary is and has been, a guide to my life, full of laughter, drama, and cheesy tips. This silly little diary was the inspiration behind my blog,, where I share all my deep dark – and also hilarious – stories. I love sharing my own secret recipes I adapted from my lovely mother that I have learned through my life, along with my lifestyle tips I’ve learned on my journey.

My love of writing really did start with that diary of mine and it certainly has never gone away, neither has the diary. I may still have the diary tucked away under my bed, but I love writing all my worries away while blogging to clear my head and help anyone else who may be looking for some new inspiration or motivation to help them out! Writing helps me feel so much better about all these adult-world problems, just like it did back in fifth grade when my IM account was taken away.

I am looking forward to sharing my secrets here with Unwritten ans Huffpo and encourage you lovely readers to do the same, feel free to apply here and enjoy!

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