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Why I'll Be a Better Governor for California Than Jerry Brown

On June 8th, Californians will choose our party nominees for Governor. I'm running as a progressive challenger to Jerry Brown in the Democratic primary.
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On June 8th, Californians will choose our party nominees for Governor.

For nearly twenty years, I've been a bare-knuckled fighter for regular
people and common-sense, progressive values. I was the Founding Executive
Director at, America's strongest progressive advocacy organization.
Although I've never run for elected office, I am qualified to be Governor,
and here's why I'll do a better job for California than Jerry Brown.

California needs a fighter right now. Six-plus years of Republican rule
have left our state in crisis. We need a leader committed to aggressively
confronting and cleaning up the mess the Republicans have made, not
someone who wants to split the difference.

Here are three of the biggest challenges facing California. As our party's
front-runner, Jerry Brown should be facing these issues head-on. Instead,
he's running away from them.

Budget cuts and the $19 billion deficit driving them are arguably the
most serious problems facing our state. What's Jerry Brown's answer?
He has none. He says only that he won't raise taxes. He may think that's
smart politics, but it's not the kind of leadership we need.

You'd think Jerry Brown would agree. But, incredibly, he's taken steps
this spring to

I support ending the 2/3 rule, and so do 70% of Californians. But Jerry
Brown is carrying water for the Republicans, not fighting for us.

With Medicare for All, the average California family will save more
than $300 per year. Employers who insure their workers will save almost
$800 per employee per year - freeing that money up to hire more people.
California as a whole will save $8 billion in the first year, and $343
billion over ten years.

The California Senate has passed our Medicare for All bill, SB 810 (sponsored
by Senator Mark Leno). The state assembly has passed similar legislation
in recent years. I'm committed to signing it if I'm elected Governor.
Sadly, Jerry Brown refuses to make the same commitment.

But with all of Jerry Brown's experience, if he's not willing to stand
up and fight for us, what makes me think I can?

Governing California will require management chops too. I have an M.B.A.
from Yale, and my management skill is reflected in the enduring strength
of organizations I've built:

I don't owe favors to anyone, because I've always fought for the public
interest, against the corporations, and I've never taken big money from
any industry. Can Jerry Brown say the same thing?

Does Jerry Brown have what it takes to fight for us?

What does Jerry Brown have to say about this? He mounts a

Here's what I say about it:

This is the kind of vigorous fight against Meg Whitman and the Republicans
that California needs.

With Whitman promising to spend at least $150 million from her Goldman
Sachs bank account, Democrats need a candidate we can get excited about,
one who can inspire the votes we'll need to win in November.

Jerry Brown has a long record of service to our state. But today, he's
not taking the leadership stands we need. Is it any wonder that, according
to a recent poll,

We can do better.

I have the skills, the values, and the experience to lead our state
successfully through the challenges we face today. I've won major victories
on behalf of regular people and common-sense values, and I've built
powerful, enduring organizations.

Vote for progress on June 8th -- or as early as next week, if you vote
by mail. Join my campaign for California's future