Why I'm a V-Girl

Hi, I'm Samantha. I am from the Bronx in New York City, the center of everything. I became a part of V-Girls in 2010 when participated in a workshop reading of Emotional Creature directed by Rosario Dawson when I was a student at the Harvey Milk High School. This experience truly changed my perspective in life and made me want to do something everyday to help motivate people to END violence against women and young girls around the world.

Before I discovered I was an emotional creature, I wondered: Why do I live the way that I do? I questioned myself almost daily trying to figure out why certain things happened to me and why I felt that I was to blame for situations I couldn't even control. I felt like there was no purpose to being in this world and there were even times that I thought that I was a mistake. All of this changed when I stumbled upon an audition for the reading of Emotional Creature. Before I went to the audition I really didn't know what to expect. I read a couple of passages and I thought, "Oh my, who has been following me? Who is writing and recording images of my life?" Little did i know it was a door opening to the next chapter of my life.

Being part of the V-Day movement makes me proud to being a woman and actually having a purpose in life. It makes me stronger. The words that are in Emotional Creature empower me and inspire me to help and educate others about the welfare of girls around the world. Eve Ensler encouraged me to stay strong, keep my head up, fight for what I know is right, and to be in touch with my inner self.