Why I’m Buying A House Without A Family To Put In It

I must have said, “This was a mistake,” and “I want to go home,” to myself at least 50 times the first time I saw a house as a potential buyer. This is impressive considering the fact that my real-estate agent, Theresa, and I were inside no longer than four minutes. A thin layer of cat litter coated the floor and the house was strewn with unused furniture and broken Playskool toys -- not what I was expecting from the quaint but tasteful photos I’d seen of the homes in Hudson, NY. The current renters were not told we’d be coming and eyed us as intruders as we tried to take a quick tour of their disaster and make haste to our next destination. I breathed a sigh of relief when we left, then braced myself for further misadventures: six more houses to go.

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