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Why I'm Glad I Have A Son After The Election

I pray for all the minorities this election has ripped to shreds.

I was with her. I still am. I wanted her to win so bad. I am a working mom that takes my career and my family seriously. I get shit done. And I knew she would too. I had no doubt that she would win the election. My heart was literally swelling as I filled in that bubble to vote for her. I just voted for a woman! The glass ceiling was going to shatter!

I knew election night would be a long one. I equipped myself with leggings, a hoodie, a topknot, pizza and beer. I started watching the results roll in and my stomach turned a little. Around 9 p.m. I couldn’t watch anymore. I had an important investor meeting at work the next day and needed to not be tired and hungover. I kissed my husband goodnight and told him to wake me up when he came to bed and let me know who won.

He came to bed around midnight, woke me up, and said Trump won. I laughed and said this is probably just a bad dream. But when my alarm went off at 5 a.m. the next morning, I checked my phone and saw it was true. Donald Trump was our next president.

The man that I have referred to in the past as a bully, a bigot, a disgusting person that has zero value for women. He makes me sick to my stomach. I am so happy my toddler is not old enough to view him as a role model.

But you know what, he is the next president of our great country. And I have to accept that. I am not going to sit around and mope and bitch. I am going to work even harder to be a good role model for my son. Because at this point, I don’t think our president-elect is one.

It’s so sad to say this, but I am happy that I have a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed middle class baby boy that won’t be judged by Trump. He is one of the lucky ones that will be given the opportunities I have worked so hard for him to have.

So now I pray. I pray for our country. I pray for our future president. I pray for all the minorities he has ripped to shreds ― including myself. I pray.

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