Why I'm Lucky To Have An Awesome Mom

Why I'm Lucky To Have An Awesome Mom
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My mom and I celebrating Easter in 1982. I still have the bunny. Photo courtesy Chris Barnes

With today being Mother's Day, everyone across the country is reflecting on how their mom has made an impact on their lives. I'm no exception; the holiday has reminded me of the importance of my own mother. And let me tell you, there are many reasons why I'm lucky to have her in my life.

My Mom Has Great Taste In Music
Like everyone's parents in my age group, my mom loves the Eagles. Any time my brother and I noticed she was upset, our first impulse would be to put on their Hell Freezes Over or Greatest Hits albums. For her, just hearing the intro to "Desperado" can make anything better. But growing up, she listened to so much cool stuff. I'm proud to have inherited her love of soul/funk music like Sly and the Family Stone, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, and Parliament.

My Mom Is A Super Problem Solver
For my whole life, I've always been able to go to my mom for help. She always knows what to say or do. When I was a child, it would be simple stuff like performing "emergency surgery" to reattach my teddy bear Huggy's arm. Or in 1991, the time I was inconsolable when I could no longer find the Transformers cartoon show on television. As an adult, she is the first person I turn to for advice regardless if it is something work or personal. Earlier this year I had to go to the emergency room. It wasn't 911 I called; it was mom.

My Mom Loves Basketball
Growing up, I was weird. I think I was the only kid in New Jersey who was a Utah Jazz fan. As I sat glued to the television watching Karl Malone and John Stockton, my mom was right there next to me. Whenever the Jazz are playing in the area, my first impulse is to bring her along to the game. I can't think of a Mother's Day gift for her that wasn't Jazz themed; presents from me range from an autographed Mehmet Okur picture to a Barbie wearing the team's 1990s jersey. But the truth is that my mom really isn't the world's biggest basketball fan. It just happens to be that our shared fandom is something that we can do together.

My Mom Inspires Me
She really does on so many levels. Professionally, she wasn't happy being a secretary. Instead of being miserable in her job, she started taking art classes and made a nice career for herself as a corporate art director. She continually reminds me that anything is possible if you are willing to work at it. Not to mention everything that she does for our family.

So thank you mom. You really are the best mom ever.

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