Why I'm Not Moved By White Privileged Guilt Over Voting For Trump

As I sit here on the eve of the 58th presidential inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, I, like many other American’s and people all over the world, are still in shock...still wondering how and why this man will be President of the United States in less than twelve hours.

I am baffled as to how this man, who spent the last 8 years publicly humiliating and questioning the legitimacy of President Obama’s birthplace, and who has shown us time and time again that not only is he sexist, misogynist, a liar, and a bully, but he is one of the most racist men this country has ever known, won the election. Trump claims he’s not racist, but his history of statements but his constant need to refer to Black people as “The Blacks” and his assumption that “ALL Black people live in “ghettos” and can’t even walk down the street without getting shot...” for example are just a few of the reasons why his claim that he’s not racist is one of the biggest lies to come out of his mouth.

Trump’s entire campaign was ran on bigotry and racism. His supporters excitedly ate up every word he said during his rallies, and his slogan, “Make America Great Again” has become the racist white folks anthem heard ‘round the world. When Trump and those who voted for him utter these words- to make America great again- they mean make Black folks and minorities feel inferior to white folks again. They mean, let’s go back to the 1950’s and 60’s, “when Blacks knew their place,” as I recently heard a local preacher tell the residents at the nursing home where I work and he preaches weekly. I couldn’t believe this preacher was so bold to have let that come out of his mouth, but then again, I could believe it. This is Trump’s America- where white folks no longer have to hide behind white sheets and hoods. The conversation that has been reserved for their kitchen tables is now freely being said out loud, on social media, to our faces at our jobs, and everywhere else.

Trump and his supporters have made it known that they are still salty over the fact that America voted a Black man to be president- for not one but two terms- and they are determined to punish everyone who voted and praised President Obama for his efforts to be the best president he possibly could. But despite Conservative efforts to see to it that President Obama failed the American people, he still will be leaving office with a 60% approval rating. This is why Trump won the election. So please excuse me if I’m not moved by the sudden rash of white privileged guilt that I’ve been seeing over the past few days on social media...where Trump supporters now claim to have had a sudden epiphany, realizing that they made a mistake when they voted for Trump. People like Sherri Underwood ― who wrote a lengthy article on vox.com ― detailing the reasons why she now regrets voting for Trump:

Trump’s retaliatory and impulsive behavior, which I think I assumed was a campaign tactic, have carried over into his actions as president-elect. His tweets about foreign powers lack restraint, and his treatment of the press whenever they say something he doesn’t like shows his vengefulness. He promised that he would be a president to all Americans, but all he has done is divide us.

I rolled my eyes so hard when I read this. Why would you, Ms. Underwood, or anybody who voted for a man who publicly insults and sexualizes women, who mocked a disabled reporter on national television, who bragged about being able to shoot someone in the middle of the street and still gain votes, or who was caught on tape bragging about being able to grab women by their private parts simply because he’s rich, be someone you thought was fit to run the country? You all chose to wear rose-colored glasses throughout the election, now you expect the rest of the world to sympathize with you for making bad choices? Good luck with that.

Trump’s supporters knew exactly who he was when they voted for him. He never misses an opportunity to show how arrogant, egotistical, hateful, spiteful, self-centered, and racist he is. This is not new to any of us, and it shouldn’t be anything new to his supporters. Trump throws tantrums like a toddler and he has a constant need to tweet and publicly criticize any and everyone who dares to disagree with him- the latest person being Civil Rights activist John Lewis- who said, “Russia’s alleged hacking helped Trump in the 2016 presidential race, thus making Trump an “illegitimate” president.” In typical fashion, Trump quickly got in his feelings and sent out several derogatory tweets about Lewis in retaliation.

A simple look at Trump’s twitter feed tells you exactly who and what he is and has always been. So I have no sympathy for the millions of people who voted for this man to be the Commander-In-Chief. YOU and your bigotry and hatred for President Obama put Trump in office. I always said that Trump’s win in November reminds me of when Jesus was about to be crucified and he said a prayer, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they are doing...” Trump’s supporters blindly followed him, proudly cheered him on, even when he was being sued for sexual assault by at least a dozen women. You can find many proud Conservatives on social media daily, defending Trump and his antics, even to the point of bullying and name-calling, so miss me with the sudden guilt that many of you who voted for him claim to feel now. You made your bed, now lie in it. And trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet.