Why I'm Obsessed With Social Media Makeup Tutorials

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I have a confession to make: I can't stop watching people do their makeup on social media. I'm not a YouTube person -- I'm too old, and I totally missed the boat on that. But watching a girl or guy put on a full face of makeup in hyper-speed in my Instagram feed is completely mesmerizing. I follow certain makeup artists and beauty editors on social media solely to peek into their makeup routines (I couldn't care less about watching an unboxing video). I've even started doing makeup videos myself on my Instagram story.

Maybe it's because I'm easily distracted, and these videos are short and digestible. Perhaps it's because I've got voyeristic tendencies. Or maybe it's because I know I will never be as good at makeup as these people are, so I watch them in vain. Whatever the reason, here are a handful of videos that I absolutely love. Check them out below.

When Kylie Jenner does a Snapchat beauty tutorial, people go wild. Her detailed process is a product junkie's dream.

Patrick Starrr is my number-one for mini tutorials. His facial expressions are hilarious, his music choices are lit, and he's taught me invaluable tricks.

I love NikkeTutorials for her videos, but also for the powerful messages she shares on her Instagram.

The contouring and highlighting techniques MakeupByDenise employs are mesmerizing to watch.

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Ellarie gives awesome tips in her captions, so don't skip those. This one is all about the importance of primer.

SonjdraDeluxe shows us how easy it is to use the new Bite Multisticks all over your face.

By: Maria Del Russo.