Why I'm Right About Tom Cruise

I am delighted that my book will be debuting at number one on the New York Times list. When readers strip away the hysteria and distortion surrounding my biography they appreciate it as the story of one man's journey. Millions of Americans were confused and bewildered by the change in Tom Cruise from the all-American action hero and boy next door to a bombastic finger-jabbing didact. My biography of the man Forbes described as the most powerful celebrity in the world is an attempt to describe his journey, focusing on his personal life and in particular his association with Scientology.

I am willing to wager that the Hollywood friends of Tom -- some of them the same people who signed an open letter at his behest attacking Germany for banning Scientology in terms so crude that the State Department publicly rebuked them -- never read a page of my book before they paraded themselves on the pages of People magazine to condemn it. If they had, they would see that Tom Cruise is described as a loving hands-on father and a incorrigible romantic. And just as it is Tom's right to express his disgust at psychiatry, his belief in saunas and vitamins as a cure for mental illness and so on, it is our right to question and examine his beliefs especially when he uses his celebrity to gain access to the movers and shakers in Washington and around the world to promote his cause.

Since the book's publication I have been heartened by the many call ands emails from associates of Tom Cruise and former high ranking Scientologists who have not only confirmed the accuracy of the book's thesis but added more stories, anecdotes and insights that give more flavour to my account. More than that a lot of people who were cowed into silence by Tom Cruise and Scientologist now have the courage to speak out.