What I've Learned From Blogging (At Age 80)

Five years ago, when I started this blog, I wasn't sure what to expect. I love writing and sharing my thoughts with family, friends and talking to associates and customers. So I figured, well I guess so, why not? Through the years it's been a great outlet for me and I look forward to hearing from you every time I hit the "publish" button.

I'm always surprised by what resonates with readers. Here are a few of the blogs that got the most reader reaction:

A few years ago I wrote about Murphy, my golden retriever, and what he's taught me about patience. He's a loyal companion and he developed quite a following -- both in favor and opposed to his approach to catching ducks.

One person wrote:

"It's amazing how we learn from our best pet friends. Their perception about life is just very much down to earth."

Engaging with you online has also taught me a lot about empathy. At Marriott, we've seen our share of ugliness in the world, such as the tragedies at our hotels in Islamabad and Jakarta, where readers wrote:

"The guard at the Islamabad Marriott is a hero for saving many lives by stopping the suicide bomber. My sympathies to his family. Thank you for recognizing his heroism."

I surprised many of you when I wrote about taking up Pilates. This was after my wife, Donna, told me I needed to grow an inch and stretch out. I'd never heard of Pilates before, but many of you had and I really appreciate the encouragement. By the way, I'm still going strong! Here's what one of you said:

Mr. M - do my eyes deceive? Pilates! Holy Mackerel! Mrs. M knows how to get you moving. You inspire in many ways!

Most recently, you commented on my blogs where I talked about the new job of Executive Chairman at Marriott, as Arne Sorenson took over the role of CEO. Your comments warmed my heart:

"Dear Mr. Marriott - I am glad that you plan on staying involved with the company. After all, your name is on the front door. And when I see that name, I know that I will be welcomed and well taken care of. Thank you and all the Marriott associates! (From my room in a Courtyard!)"

Thanks for being my online pen pals and reading Marriott on the Move. I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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