Why I'm Talking About Cute Babies on International Women's Day

Let's be honest, not all babies are cute. But babies dressed as superheroes or Supreme Court justices (aka Ruth Baby Ginsburg)? Undeniably cute.

Most of us think contraception is about not having babies, but it's actually about having them WHEN and IF a woman is ready. It's one of the most important keys to women's empowerment. When a woman is able to plan the number and spacing of her children, amazing things happen: She is more likely to finish school, earn more, and invest in her family. Unfortunately, 225 million women in developing countries want access to contraceptives but can't get it.

This International Women's Day, join me and millions around the world who want to live in a world where every pregnancy is planned and every child is wanted: Watch this video and share the love (and cuteness!):