Why Is 90 Percent of America Stressed About Money?

The reality is acquiring money is more about consciousness than currency. Building your financial empire and reducing stress about finances starts with changing your thinking.
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With an economy that's supposedly improving, you wouldn't expect 90% of Americans to say they're still stressed about money. But according to the American Psychological Association's Stress in America report released this week, stress about money and finances is still prevalent nationwide.

The truth is the masses have been worrying about money since the beginning of time, and they always will. The average person would rather think about anything but money because of the negative feelings they associate with it. They see money as a never ending necessary evil that must be endured as part of life.

The sad part is it's not that most people aren't capable of acquiring wealth, they're operating in a fear-based consciousness that keeps them broke forever. The lack mentality of the masses attracts them to focus their thoughts on how many ways they can stretch a dollar, instead of focusing on new ways to earn more. Is it any wonder so many people are struggling to get by and it's impacting their very well-being?

It's time to stop worrying about losing your job, getting sick or exceeding your budget. Most of this worry is a waste of time, not to mention the negative, destructive psychological impact it has on the mind and the physiological havoc it wreaks on the body. By upgrading limiting beliefs about money and redirecting your mental energy to new ways of looking at money, more people would experience financial abundance and experience peace of mind rather than stress.

Here are some simple ways to do it.

Use non-linear thinking to earn more money
Most of us are taught to trade hours for dollars, which is the reason the average person makes little money. The rich earn their fortunes tapping their creativity and coming up with new ideas that serve people and solve problems. It's not how many hours you can work or the amount of midnight oil you can burn; it's about training your mind to think about old problems in new ways.

Use logical and emotional thinking
The middle class blends emotional thinking in their decision making process, which clouds their judgment. The rich use left brain, logic-based, emotionless thinking to make decisions in regards to earning, investing and saving money. They use emotion to motivate themselves to take action. Both forms of thinking have value. The secret is to know when to use which, and avoid blending the two.

See money as abundant and infinite
Money is created through ideas that solve problems, and since ideas are infinite, the amount of money you can earn is infinite. The masses see a world filled with seemingly unsolvable problems. The rich see these new, complex problems as the opportunity of a lifetime to become even wealthier by solving them. The more numerous and complex problems society faces, the more opportunity all of us have to become rich.

See money as freedom
The middle class scorns the rich for flaunting their money and falsely assumes they acquire it for status. Status makes people feel important, and while everyone enjoys it, the rich build fortunes primarily so they can live life on their own terms. Money provides the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, for as long as you want, while never having to answer to anyone unless you choose to.

Expect to be rich
The masses have a lottery mentality and have been brainwashed to believe the only chance they have to get rich is by picking the right numbers or playing slot machines. The rich expect to earn more money every year and aren't surprised as millions of dollars flood their bank accounts. The rich have trained themselves to expect big things to happen, and as a result they are bold, aggressive and fearless in their pursuit of wealth.

Vaccinate yourself from Either/Or Syndrome
Most us of have been told we can't have it all, and we must choose between having a balanced life and being rich. The rich know you can have whatever you want, and through leverage you can earn more while working less. Creative problem solving is the root of all great fortunes, and one idea that solves a small problem for a lot of people or a large problem for a small group of people can yield millions. Ideas can be incubated any time day or night, anywhere in the world. They don't always require an excessive amount of time, but rather a persistent and unrelenting focus.

Self-Education is the secret
Formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a fortune. The rich are obsessed with learning and personal development. They know their mind is the hub of their financial empire, and while the masses seek entertainment, the wealthy are reading, listening to audio programs, attending seminars, and networking with powerful people who can help raise their level of awareness.

The reality is acquiring money is more about consciousness than currency. Building your financial empire and reducing stress about finances starts with changing your thinking.

If you're rich, keep thinking the way you're thinking. If not, maybe it's time to change the way you think about money.

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