Why Is a Course on Self-Love Necessary?

Our relationship with ourselves determines how we relate to everything and everyone, and how everyone and everything relates to us. The buck stops with us; only we can decide how much love, success, money, or vitality we "deserve."

Self-love is our most intimate relationship, and it is the key to everything.


How did things come to this pass, where we need a course on how to love ourselves!?

We start life as innocent babies, with open faces and a heavenly scent, hardly knowing where our own bodies begin and end, full of wonder and trust, giggling and playing peek-a-boo with all comers, deliciously irresistible to all who meet us...

... and then we begin to fit into the world around us. We learn that we are too loud, or too soft, or not enough, or too much, and we shape ourselves to conform to what others expect of us. We develop strategies, as best we can, to hide or suppress the parts that make us vulnerable to criticism, humiliation or pain.

In short, we grow. Now, all grown up, we are far from the fullness and contentment we experienced as babies.

Our lessons have become internalized and our own inner voice tells us what we can and cannot do. No longer open and trusting, no longer delighted with the present moment, we hunger and strive for achievement and recognition -- outer markers of success that we hope will confirm for us that we are lovable, beautiful, and worthy...

We have run off in search of all the things that already belonged to us when we started on this journey called life!

We have run from pain, and yet we find that we have invited a different kind of pain into our lives: the pain of separation from our authentic selves.

Whether we suffer the frustration of unfulfilled dreams, or we achieve our goals only to remain unfulfilled, either way, we feel distant from the joy, connection, and abundance that we were so fully blessed with as infants.

Life has taken us on a long detour, learning what really matters. Now, we are headed back to recover the joy and abundance that is our birthright.

The path of self-love is a journey back to our authentic selves. Only we have the power to give ourselves the love and acceptance that our souls crave. We are learning who we really are, and giving that authentic self the support it needs to flourish.

Why Am I Telling You This?

What I write about in my books and teach as a life coach I learned at the feet of a spiritual master, who I had the privilege of studying with for over 30 years. Our ultimate teacher, though, is life. My journey led me through rocky paths, where my self-love was a flicker of light that almost burned out. I had no idea that my feelings or needs mattered, and I had become so adept at hiding them that they were all but hidden from me as well.

Blessings be, the pain of my experience drove me to seek answers.

Now that I have walked this journey, I know the value of self-love in the way that a drowning man knows the value of air. He knows it, not just for him, but for everyone else as well, and so I understand the importance of self-love, not just for me, but for everyone. Self-love is like air for the soul; without it, the spirit withers and life loses its charm.

I am here to make your path easier. I am here to help alleviate the suffering of those who long for reconnection with their innate birthright of joy, abundance and love.

You already know, deep inside, what it means to be self-loving. Forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, patience, kindness, and generosity toward the self: these are the hallmarks of self-love.

We all know people who spend their whole lives chasing externals and neglecting the inner self. They may spend a king's ransom on 101 "self-improvements," but if there is a lack of self-love, nothing will produce the hoped-for results.

The trophies of success quickly tarnish; the inner feeling of love and joy is the true prize. Only self-love will get you what you desire -- not selfish egotism or narcissism -- but TRUE self-love that is compassionate and kind to the self.

Imagine releasing the shoulds and shoudn'ts from the past that limit your desires.

Imagine being able to move past obstacles and inner critics that arise on your path.

Imagine releasing cycles of anger, depression and addictive behaviors.

Imagine being free to live your best life, have the relationships you desire, accomplish your dreams, and make your contribution to the world.

This is the path of self-love. It is the most exciting adventure you could ever take, and I am honored to be your coach and guide on this journey.

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