Why is accountability so important for a high-performance team? How can you weave that into a company culture?

Any business that is looking to take itself further today in a professional sense needs to be built around accountability. Accountability is the fuel that drives all businesses today, and is one of the key reasons why a business can grow, change and improve its position is because of this. Without being able to pay attention to accountable factors in a business, it’s hard to pinpoint what works and what does not. To help with this, we have spoken to industry experts on the importance of leadership and the key character traits of leadership.

We had the chance to speak with Michael Chunys, the General Manager of Home Giraffe Digital Marketing, who held some very interesting views on the importance of accountability. In an illuminating interview, we spoke about why high performance teams are powered by accountability.

"When working with a high performance team in our working environment, generally we hope that we have hired someone who is very good at the job they were hired for.”

“Rather than focusing on what they are not good at or their weaknesses in a certain area, we encourage our team to become the very best possible with their strengths. This creates a culture where the can take ownership of their tasks, and understand that their core focus is to be the absolute best in our business in that area.”

So, why does this matter so much? What kind of benefits can be derived by thinking about this side of the coin?

“By default, they naturally understand they are accountable for that area, and all other team members understand that also. When all team members are accountable in their role, our productivity improves significantly, as does the energy and "buy in" to our business aims and goals."

These hugely interesting points made by Michael should offer important food for thought for anyone who is looking to empower their own business. Just as important as accountability, though, are the traits that a leader can hold.

We spoke to David Michigan, the CEO of Davidmichigan. He echoed the importance of having a genuine passion for the role, as it helps to breed an authentic love for making change possible.

Burning Passion
Burning Passion

“If you want to be a great leader,” David began, “you need to have a burning passion inside you. You must be excited and passionate, even about the idea of thinking about it. If you don’t have one yet, you just have to start wherever you are, and you will find it. Only then, you will attract success, in whatever areas you wish for, by the person you become thanks to your passion.”

So, do you agree about these important character traits? This should you help to really understand the importance of accountability and passion in leadership. Without the right people powering the success and prosperity of others, it can be hard to truly believe in progression.

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