Why Is Being Childless By Choice Still an Issue?

I am childless by choice and even I am a little surprised that there are still articles written about society's reactions to us CBC folk and explanations from CBC folk. I realize that in my writing about why people are still writing about the topic that I am being a wee hypocritical.

Why do the Childless by Choice still feel the need to defend their decisions? Why is this still relevant? With all that's going on in the world; Isis, Ebola, climate change, George Clooney's wedding, why does anyone give a sh*t about the 10 things not to say to a CBC person?

I will never understand why what I do, and don't do, with my uterus matters to anyone else but me and my gynecologist.

Maybe those people that offer up unsolicited opinions and recriminations are bored. Maybe it's a '"misery loves company" scenario, when complete strangers try to convince you to have kids.

Do us all a favor and read a book, go to the movies or join the army. Whatever you do, keep your eyes on your own paper and stay out of my bed and womb.

I guess it's helpful for some to hear that celebrities like Aniston, Diaz and Deschanel wax poetic about not having kids. Maybe some people need this validation. Personally, when it comes to such a highly intimate choice, I'm not looking to see what my friends are doing. That's just me.

And for people to equate giving birth to a baby with the only measure of a woman's worth, value or feminism is a joke and insulting.

My short film, had a gestation period of six years, and in that time, I nurtured it, cared for it and endured many months of labor pains until I popped that sucker out. I would've breastfed it if I thought it would have gotten it into the Sundance Film Festival.

I've mothered many things and many people; they just never needed a diaper change. (Although the way my ex behaved at times, you'd think that he was sitting in a poopie diaper in need of a change.)

Can we all move on from this topic and come together on the issues that truly matter and impact all of our lives; the Middle East conflict, world hunger and George Clooney's wedding? Thank you.

Since I'm already being hypocritical, here's one of those lists:

  1. No, I don't hate kids. I do, however, prefer them precocious, cute and wearing glasses.

  • Yes, there are certain kids that I stay away from. Don't you?
  • No, I don't regret my decision.
  • Yes, sometimes I fantasize about having kids.
  • No, I don't have cats.
  • Yes, I cry when I see sick children.
  • No, my heart is not made of ice water.
  • Yes, I enjoy my freedom.
  • No, I am not on permanent vacation.
  • Yes, I get uninterrupted sleep.
  • No, I am not automatically available to babysit.
  • Yes, I have thought about what I would name a child if I had one.
  • No, I would not name it after Cher.
  • Yes, I gave my decision a lot of thought.
  • No, I am not repulsed by men with children. (See this blog)
  • Yes, I am selfish.
  • No, I don't believe that having children guarantees that I'll be taken care of when I'm old and decrepit. Of course I'm never getting old and my body is Pilates protected, so this is mute.
  • Yes, I can walk around the house naked all of the time, any time, night or day.
  • No, I don't walk around the house naked all of the time, any time, night or day.
  • Yes, I have financial freedom.
  • No, I don't know what it feels like to be called mommy.
  • Yes, I'd like someone to call me mommy, and not just during sex.
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