Why Bernie Sanders Is Cool, But You Should Vote for Hillary


As a millennial, I'll admit, Bernie Sanders is pretty damn cool. The Brooklyn-born democratic nominee has made substantial gains in the polls since he announced his presidential candidacy in May. He has successfully appealed to younger voters, with his "revolutionary" ideologies and quirky political leftism. So if you're a millennial -- particularly if you're a cool millennial -- you probably think you should vote for Bernie Sanders.

If you're a cool millennial, it's probably a safe bet that you support progressive causes such as environment, LGBTQ rights, higher minimum wage, equal wealth distribution, free college tuition, and all the other progressive ideals that come hand in hand with Bernie Sanders' platform.

And yes, those things are great. It would be amazing to see a president make the change our nation so desperately needs.

But, unfortunately, having good ideas isn't enough. The opposition another "cool" liberal (Obama) has seen from a Republican majority has rendered a lot of these revolutionary goals unattainable during his term.

Don't get me wrong, Bernie's great. And, at least in my opinion, he's one of the best options for president. His refreshing honesty and "no bullshit" attitude makes him an outlier in Washington. And yes, it is great that he's not a typical politician, but that is also his biggest problem. The likelihood of him making these revolutionary changes in the current political climate is slim.

But, more importantly, the likelihood of him even getting elected is slim. According to the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton has better odds of becoming president than anyone else, by a lot.

So, vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries at your own peril. Sure, liking Hillary isn't necessarily considered as cool as liking Bernie, but they have a lot of the same ideologies. Hillary is pro-choice, pro-women's rights, pro-environment and pretty much the same as what Bernie Sanders stands for, but on a slightly more realistic level. Bernie Sanders is a socialist, or maybe a democratic socialist capitalist. Socialism doesn't exactly go over well with the majority of this country. Change must happen, but it must happen gradually. If you want a democratic candidate to win the primary, you should probably vote for Hillary.

And hey, as seen on SNL, he'd make a great Vice President.