Why is college tuition rising and how can we curb it?

Why is college tuition rising and how can we curb it?
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Working closely with parents of high school students who are preparing and saving for college, we at Inversant are interested in better understanding how our higher education system works. Why is tuition always rising? What are the possible solutions to curb increasing tuition? What are the most pressing issues facing our higher education system? Are there any solutions to the debt crisis? What kind of higher education policies should we expect under Trump’s administration? To get some answers I spoke with Prof. Kelchen, Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Seton Hall University.

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Here are some quotes from the conversation:

“It’s hard to pin on one factor that drives the price tag, it’s really just a perfect storm of factors all coming together.”

“They [colleges] could raise their sticker prices to $200,000 and they’d still have enough seats or enough people filling the seats”

“The question is, is online education better than nothing, for certain students?”

This conversation is part of a podcast series on College Affordability and Student Debt.

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