Everything Is 'Always About Race’ Because Racism Won't Go Away

Racism remains a prominent, pervasive, intractable stain on the American flag.
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Take a look at one week in the United States, and tell me racism is not prominent.


How many times have you heard, “Why is everything always about race?” as a means to deflect away from the topic of racism in America? A lot right? Well I thought we could answer that question, by simply looking at this past week in America.

“Everything is always about race,” because just this week, a Louisiana sheriff stated in no simpler terms, “Good prisoners make great slaves.”

‘Everything is always about race’ because just this week, Charlottesville police brought charges against Deandre Harris, a victim, who suffered a vicious attack at the hands of white supremacists during the Unite the Right rally in August. Meanwhile, just SOME of Harris’ attackers have been arrested, but only thanks to an effort led by Shaun King to identify the perpetrators and put public pressure on the police to act.

“Everything is always about race,” because the judicial system in Charlottesville found it tough to identify the white supremacists from the video, as their white skin makes it harder to see the immediate guilt. But not to worry, when a black woman helped remove a racist statue, she was arrested immediately.

“Everything is always about race,” because the color-skewed, right wing media, and their ever so honorable “Blue Lives Matter” supporters, have said very little over the white Texas Tech student who shot and killed a brave officer just last week. “Everything is always about race,” because it seems that #bluelivesmatter and #alllivesmatter only seem to find their voices when a Black American speaks out against systemic injustice, but when a white perpetrator breaches that system, we hear crickets.


“Everything is always about race,” because to this day, there are still imbeciles like these students from the University of North Florida who, in their emboldened state, thought it was just hilarious to post this racist video across social media.

Where are the parents? Who raised these thugs?

And even these tool bags, were outdone by the Kappa Sigma frat at University of Louisiana at Monroe, who gave us an explicit minor glimpse into why everything is about race. Because racists like this are hellbent on dragging us back to the ’60s led by the manchild-in-chief.


“Everything is always about race,” because the sitting president, known for his trigger Twitter fingers, somehow kept it tight-lipped over the Nazis who returned to Charlottesville last week, or the attempted bombing at a North Carolina airport. “Everything is always about race,” because if you replace the man who attempted to murder innocent people using ammonium nitrate/fuel oil explosives riddled with nails and bullets, with a black or brown perpetrator, you can bet your cowboy boots and #MAGA hat that Trump would be tweeting his tiny fingers raw about how we need a Muslim ban or that “SOBs” like that have to be taken care of with his “2nd amendment remedies.” Speaking of...

“Everything is always about race,” because just last week a man who massacred 58 innocent people has been almost entirely forgotten by the president, as well as large portions of the media, but don’t worry, he let us all know what he thought about Jemele Hill.

“Everything is always about race,” because this incompetent shadow of a man tasked with leading the free world spoke openly about how the dying citizens of Puerto Rico are throwing his budget out of whack, but was happy to spend $300k of the taxpayers’ money to fly good ol’ Mike P. to Indiana, to sit at a football game for 35 seconds then cry like the snowflake he is about players kneeling and head back west. But what’s 300k? I mean its not like 300k could by 1,404,000 bottles of water for Puerto Ricans who are surviving off a bottle a day per family or anything.

“Everything is always about race” because the racist leading the country sat in front of a crowd and talked openly about how Colin Kaepernick should have been punished, a take that received angry cheers from the crowd, the same people that claim they fight tooth and nail for free speech, a right that they have forgotten is extended to all Americans, black included.

First amendment anyone?

“Everything is always about race,” because in just one week, we witnessed countless examples demonstrating that racism remains a prominent, pervasive, intractable stain on the American flag. To the point where even when a black American puts on the uniform representing that flag and swears to protect her fellow citizens, that black American is still subjected to a torrent of racial abuse and told to go back to Africa.

That’s why everything is about race.


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