Why is Fox News Leaving Geithner Alone?

Quick question. Why hasn't conservative media ripped Tim Geithner's face off yet? He is by far the most incompetent and compromised (nicer than corrupt) member of the Obama administration. There is a mountain of evidence that he has helped his banker friends at the expense of American taxpayers over and over again. He is the Treasury Secretary when the main issue in the country is the state of our economy. And Republicans in Congress are now going after him. So, why is Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc. keeping their powder dry?

This is weird. If it was anyone else that had screwed up one tenth of what Geithner has, it would be running on a 24/7 loop on Fox News. Geithner gave away over $62 billion to the top banks in the country in secret, tried to cover it up and at the very least overpaid these banks by $13 billion. And that's just the latest in a series of scandals, with all the same theme -- Geithner gives away taxpayer money to the richest (and most culpable) guys in the country. Ah, there it is.

If the right-wing goes after Geithner, then they're going after the banks and the billions in taxpayer money they received. The right-wing media in this country have no interest in attacking big money, big corporations or big banks. So, while they'll talk for ten straight days about how Janet Napolitano should be fired for misspeaking, Geithner is remarkably bullet-proof. Why? Because they actually love what he's doing.

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