Why Is It So Hard to Be Yourself?

You've seen in first-hand. When you meet someone for the first time, you truly aren't "you?" You're merely a version of yourself because you must see how the other person reacts to your personality. If they are more so calm, you're more than likely to act the same way because you don't want to scare them off. But, then, there are some people who do not care how the other judges them, if they're crazy, they won't be afraid to act themselves.

I can tell you that I'm a quiet and shy person by nature. I always have been and I always will be. I mean, sure I've come out of my shell since I was a child, but I cannot just open up once I'm introduced to them. It takes a while for me to get accustomed to them and start showing who I truly am. And, this isn't always easy in a world where we're judged the moment we walk into the door. Whether it's a job interview, meeting a group of people or your boyfriend's family for the first time, or simply strolling into Starbucks to order a coffee, someone is always forming an opinion about you. And, it's horrible to be judged based on your appearance because more often than not, if the manager doesn't find you appealing he won't hire you. If he doesn't like your personality, he'll figuratively shout, "next!"

It's becoming harder and harder to be yourself in this society because gay people are looked down upon, out of the ordinary people are labeled "strange" and "weird" and then there are stereotypes that people often follow. What happened to using your own mind and not following the rest of the crowd? Why can't people just be themselves and not feel judged or ridiculed?

As for me, I'm quiet, so people often take advantage of me. Just because I don't talk much doesn't mean you can talk shit behind my back. If you don't like how quiet I am, then don't bother. This goes for everyone who doesn't like you. If someone doesn't like you based on your personality or appearance then don't be friends with them. In the end, you'll soon find out who your true friend are.

But, why is it so damn hard to be your "true self?"